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pencil-neckAn insubstantial person; a weakling.Rate it:
pencil-neckedHaving a very thin neck.Rate it:
pencil-neckedInsubstantial; weak.Rate it:
pencilneckA person with a very thin neck.Rate it:
pencilneckAn insubstantial person; a weakling.Rate it:
pendente litepending a legal suit in courtRate it:
pendre la cr%c3%a9maill%c3%a8reTo have a housewarming party.Rate it:
penguin suitA tuxedo.Rate it:
penny blackold stampRate it:
penny for themAlternative form of penny for your thoughtsRate it:
Penny for Your ThoughtsTo ask what other person is thinking, to know the mindset of othersRate it:
penny for your thoughtsUsed to inquire into the thoughts and feelings of another, especially when the person appears pensive or conflicted.Rate it:
penny in the fuseboxAn improvised repair made with no regard for safety.Rate it:
penny pincherOne who spends little money; one who is very frugal or cautious with money.Rate it:
penny weddingA wedding at which the guests contribute payments to help cover the cost of the event and to benefit the newly-married couple.Rate it:
penny wise and pound foolishPrudent and thrifty with small amounts of money, but wasteful and profligate with large amounts.Rate it:
Penny – Wise and Pound – FoolishTo care about trivial things and be careless about important things, saving small amount of money and be extravagant about large sum of moneyRate it:
people are peoplePeople are basically the same everywhere.Rate it:
people personSomeone who is happier or more skilled at dealing with people rather than things or concepts.Rate it:
people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stonesDo not criticize others if you have weaknesses yourself.Rate it:
People Who Live in the Glass House Shouldn't Throw StonesYou should not point fingers at other and first look at yourselfRate it:
people's republicA self-designation of states with Marxist-Leninist governments.Rate it:
people's republicA particular area with strong left-leaning tendencies, especially one with a certain level of autonomyRate it:
people's republicUsed other than as an idiom: see people, 's, republic.Rate it:
pep upTo make stronger or more interesting.Rate it:
per curiamAn opinion delivered by an entire court rather than a single judge.Rate it:
per seby or in itselfRate it:
per stirpesA method of distributing an estate to the descendants of a deceased legatee in which the estate is divided equally among the branches of a family, without regard to differing numbers of people in different branches.Rate it:
perception/deception (or) deception/perceptionDepends on how you see it.Rate it:
perfect stormA powerful hurricane or other major weather disturbance, especially as produced by a combination of meteorological conditions.Rate it:
perfect stormA situation where a calamity is caused by the convergence and amplifying interaction of a number of factors.Rate it:
perish the thoughtMay the thought perish; said of an idea or suggestion which is undesirable.Rate it:
perk upTo become more uprightRate it:
perk upto become more lively or enthusiastic.Rate it:
perk upTo cause to be more upright, straighten upRate it:
perk upto cause to be more lively or enthusiastic.Rate it:
perk upTo exalt oneself, take on a higher status or position.Rate it:
permanent shaveA throat-slitting.Rate it:
permanent shaveUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see permanent,‎ shave.Rate it:
perp walkThe intentional public display before news cameras of someone in police custody, especially someone famous or notorious, for the purpose of satisfying public interest, demonstrating the authorities' effectiveness, or shaming the person.Rate it:
PERRLInitialism of pupils are equal, round and react to light.Rate it:
person of sizeA person who is significantly overweight.Rate it:
person upTo show courage, strength, toughness, or responsibility; a gender-neutral alternative to "man up".Rate it:
personal capitalFinancial resources or other wealth belonging to a particular person, especially when used for investment purposes.Rate it:
personal capitalGood reputation, credibility, or influence.Rate it:
personal computersPCsRate it:
perstatpersists.Rate it:
perstatAlternative spelling of the military acronym PERSTATRate it:
peter outTo dwindle; to trail off; to diminish to nothing.Rate it:
Peter Pan syndromeThe supposed psychological phenomenon of immaturity among some men and women, who, like the fictional character, remain childish and fail to assume appropriate adult social roles and responsibilities.Rate it:

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