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g'headContraction of go ahead.Rate it:
G2KInitialism of good to know.Rate it:
gag me with a spoonAn expression of disgust.Rate it:
gagging for itUp for it, having a strong desire for sex.Rate it:
gain groundto become farther from another traveling the same course.Rate it:
gain momentumpick up speed and strengthRate it:
gain onTo encroach on.Rate it:
gain onTo obtain influence with.Rate it:
gain onTo win ground upon; to move faster than, as in a race or contest.Rate it:
gain onTo get the better of; to have the advantage of.Rate it:
gain sympathymake someone feel compassion(sympathy) about youRate it:
gall and wormwoodbitterness and resentmentRate it:
gallows humorComedy that makes light of death or other very serious matters.Rate it:
game faceThe expression of one who is prepared for or is facing a lot of difficult and/or undesirable work, especially when it is imminent.Rate it:
game outTo play games to such an excessive degree that one is unwilling to play more.Rate it:
game outTo run through scenarios to determine what will happen given certain decisions; to play out possibilities; to examine several ideas to come up with their likeliest end results.Rate it:
game overA message usually signaling that the player failed a computer or video game, for example by losing all of their lives, although the phrase sometimes follows the score after successful completion of a game.Rate it:
game overThe end of some ongoing situation due to either failure or success.Rate it:
game planAny strategy devised to reach a given objective.Rate it:
game, set and matchAlternative form of game, set, matchRate it:
game, set, and matchAlternative form of game, set, matchRate it:
game, set, matchAn expression commonly used at the conclusion of a tennis match to indicate that a competitor has won.Rate it:
game, set, matchAn expression indicating finality, announcing that a series of events—usually involving some form of rivalry—has reached a conclusion.Rate it:
gandy dancerA railway laborer, especially a member of a crew which carries rails and affixes them to ties.Rate it:
gang upTo join together, as a gang.Rate it:
gang up onTo join together in a gang in order to overpower someone else.Rate it:
gapers' blockA traffic jam resulting from motorists slowing to look at a motor vehicle collision or other roadside distraction.Rate it:
garbage in, garbage out(computing, information technology) If input data is not complete, accurate, and timely, then the resulting output is unreliable and of no useful value.1963, Raymond Crowley, "Robot Tax Collector Seeks Indications of 'Fudging'," Times Daily (Alabama, USA), 1 April (retrieved 26 July 2010):Officials explained that the quality of the computer's work depends on the quality of the data fed into it. Neil Hoke, administrative assistant to Stewart, quoted an adage of computer men: "Garbage in, garbage out."2008, Roger K. Lewis, "'In Architectural Design, Brains and Talent Trump the Best Software," Washington Post, 19 July (retrieved 26 July 2010):The old caveat "GIGO"Rate it:
garden pathUsed other than as an idiom: see garden, path.Rate it:
garden pathShort for garden path sentence.Rate it:
garden peasvegetablesRate it:
garden varietyOrdinary, common, or unexceptional.Rate it:
garner upTo store up; to build up a store of an emotion or passion; to recall or make a note of a certain trait or quality.Rate it:
Gary GlitterThe anus, especially when used in anal sex.Rate it:
gas upTo fill the gas tank of an automobile with fuel.Rate it:
gather dustto remain unused for a long period of timeRate it:
gather rosebudsTo enjoy life's immediate pleasures; to behave in a relaxed, carefree manner.Rate it:
gather upto gather, assemble or collect, usually into a groupRate it:
gather wayTo begin to move; to move with increasing speed.Rate it:
gathers around informationcollect information from around the environmentRate it:
gathers from aroundcollect or receiving the information or rumors from around the environment or gathering or people.Rate it:
gavin and deanCockney rhyming slang for 'Queen' when used colloquially to mean a gay person: a non heterosexual person.Rate it:
gay upTo make something more appealing to the gay community e.g. by adding gay characters to a soap opera.Rate it:
gay upTo give something gay characteristics.Rate it:
GBAInitialism of God bless America.Rate it:
GBTWInitialism of get back to work.Rate it:
gear toTo design or adapt so as to suit.Rate it:
gear towardsTo design so as to appeal or be useful to.Rate it:
gear upTo prepare for an activity.Rate it:
gee upmove on!, go faster!Rate it:

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