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t shirtgarmentRate it:
T-minusUsually specifies the remaining time until some future event.Rate it:
T.G.I.F.Initialism of thank God it's Friday.Rate it:
table scrapRemaining, meagre portion of a meal.Rate it:
table scrapMeagre remainings of anything.Rate it:
table talkConversation, especially of an informal or somewhat gossipy nature, among a group seated together for a meal or other social activity.Rate it:
tach upTo rev a car's engine; to accelerate.Rate it:
tacit acceptance of the content of the book itselfTo be silentRate it:
tack upTo prepare a horse for riding by equipping it with tack.Rate it:
tackle the jobDetermine tools and manpower needed, Move on site, Begin and complete necessary demolition, Launch make-ready tasks in order for all trades to move on site and begin the new construction.Rate it:
tag alongTo accompany, join, or follow; to go with.Rate it:
tag offTo hover an RFID device such as a smartcard over a receiver, often with a graphical user interface, in order to confirm the end of use or one's exit from the vehicle.Rate it:
tag onTo hover an RFID device such as a smartcard over a receiver, often with a graphical user interface, in order to make a payment or gain access to the vehicle.Rate it:
tag teamTwo or more people or groups acting alternately to accomplish some task.Rate it:
tag upOf a baserunner, when a fly ball is hit, to put one's foot on the base one is currently at until the ball is caught. When the ball is caught, the baserunner may attempt to advance to the next base, at the risk of being tagged out.Rate it:
tail awayTo gradually subside or diminish; to tail off.Rate it:
tail between one's legsA reaction to a confrontation, specifically one with excessive shame and hurt pride.Rate it:
tail inTo fasten by one of the ends into a wall or some other support.Rate it:
tail offTo gradually subside or diminish; to tail away.Rate it:
tail wagging the dogA minor or secondary part of something controlling the whole.Rate it:
take a back seatTo be second to someone or something; to be less important or have a lower priority.Rate it:
Take a BackseatTo be at a secondary position or to be at a level of inferiority as compared to someone elseRate it:
take a bathTo bathe.Rate it:
take a bathTo lose a large amount of money in an investment.Rate it:
take a bead onTo aim a gun at something.Rate it:
take a biteTo eat a quick, light snack.Rate it:
take a bowTo accept applause at the end of a performance in a theatre. Often this includes actually bowing to the audience.Rate it:
take a breathTo inhale and subsequently exhale air.Rate it:
take a breatherTo take a break; to pause or relax briefly.Rate it:
take a bulletto sacrifice oneself for another; to put oneself in harm's way in place of anotherRate it:
take a chanceTo risk; to try something risky.Rate it:
take a crack atTo attempt or try.Rate it:
take a crapTo defecate.Rate it:
take a dim view ofTo dislike; to regard with skepticism, disbelief, disfavor, etc.Rate it:
take a dirt napTo die.Rate it:
take a diveTo feign a knockout in order to lose intentionally.Rate it:
take a diveTo lose or fail intentionally.Rate it:
take a flyerTo invest against odds.Rate it:
take a flyerTo make a choice with an uncertain outcome; to take a chance.Rate it:
take a gambleTo risk; to try something risky.Rate it:
take a ganderTo take a look; to check or examine.Rate it:
take a grabUsed other than as an idiom: see take, grab.Rate it:
take a grabto mark the football, especially overheadRate it:
take a hikeTo go away; to leave or depart.Rate it:
take a hikeTo go hiking.Rate it:
take a jokeTo accept a joke at one's expense.Rate it:
take a leaf out of someone's bookTo adopt an idea or practice of another person.Rate it:
take a leakTo urinate.Rate it:
take a leap of faithjump into the fray, gather all one's wits and plunge, take courage and step into the unknown:Rate it:
take a lickingTo suffer a defeat or a beating.Rate it:

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