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to 'put out''put out'; To engage in 'heavy petting' or 'sexual congress'. a Depression expression, may be archaic:Rate it:
to a fare-thee-wellTo the greatest extent or to completion; to a state of refinement or perfection.Rate it:
to a faultTo an excessive degree; extremely.Rate it:
to a manunanimouslyRate it:
to a nicetyTo a fine point, with great exactness or accuracy.Rate it:
to a tPrecisely; exactly; perfectly; with great attention to detail.Rate it:
to a turnTo perfection.Rate it:
to all intents and purposesFor every functional purpose; in every practical sense; in every important respect; practically speaking.Rate it:
to and froTo go back and forth; to alternate.Rate it:
to be a queen beeOne whom has a personality and a history of integrity, coupled with a natural diplomatic aura is bound for a successful and rewarding public career.Rate it:
to be an open bookAn individual's life can be unrestricted in intimate details and become as an open book.Rate it:
to be continuedUsed at the end of an episode to indicate that the story continues in the next episode.Rate it:
to be continuedUsed to indicate that a story under discussion has not concluded, either in narration or in reality.Rate it:
to be honestFrankly, honestly.Rate it:
to be honest with youAn expression to be avoided at all costs for progressive, professionally oriented, skilled communicative individuals, lilly- white honest 'movers and shakers'!Rate it:
to be mixing apples and oranges.To be considering two completely different things.Rate it:
to be named laterUsed other than as an idiom. In an exchange, a unspecified example of a thing (in sports, usually a player), either not yet chosen or named publicly, at the time of a trade.Rate it:
to be named laterSomething of very uncertain value.Rate it:
to be named laterSomething of very low value.Rate it:
to be perfectly honest with youTo express candidly, straight forwardly, without affectation, without boasting, without extrapolating:Rate it:
to be shuck ofto be rid ofRate it:
to be sureAdmittedly, undoubtedly, certainly.Rate it:
to be the cat's whiskersTo perform better than was generally supposed possible.Rate it:
to be the impossible dream.To be a fancy which will never become reality.Rate it:
to be truthfulSynonym of to be honestRate it:
to be willy nillyUnnecessary, ridiculous actions.Rate it:
to beat the bandVery vigorously; at a frantic pace; to a high degree; in large quantities.Rate it:
to bootSome variations in usage remain archaic. Old English, Middle English: to help, in addition.Rate it:
to bootMoreover, on top of that, besides, also.Rate it:
to cut a sorry figureFeeling sad for someoneRate it:
to dateUntil now; until the present time.Rate it:
to deathTo a great degree.Rate it:
to die forVery good; exquisite; excellent; particularly desirable.Rate it:
to dig your own graveGet deeper in trouble by complicating matters further.Rate it:
to docommotionRate it:
to dofussRate it:
to do withconcerningRate it:
to each his ownAn expression asserting the right of individuals to subscribe, sanction, believe, acquire, marry, associate.Rate it:
to each his ownEvery person is entitled to his or her personal preferences and tastes.Rate it:
to err is humanEveryone makes mistakes.Rate it:
to get hold of wrong end of the stickto not understand the situation correctlyRate it:
to get into hot waterTo get into troubleRate it:
to get one's wires crossedOne can get their wires crossed by asking the wrong question or making a confusing statement or by interpreting the answer incorrectly, or by receiving confusing answers to confusing statements.Rate it:
to give a person lineTo allow a person more or less liberty until it is convenient to stop or check him/her, like a hooked fish that swims away with the line.Rate it:
to goBelonging to the subgroup that have not passed or have not been finished or have not been addressed yet.Rate it:
to goServed in a package or takeout container so as to be taken away from a restaurant rather than eaten on the premises.Rate it:
to goremainingRate it:
to handaccessibleRate it:
to hell and backTo live through an extremely unpleasant, difficult, or painful experience.Rate it:
to hell in a handbasketTo a bad state of affairs quickly.Rate it:

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