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oat operaA, film, or novel depicting adventures of characters in the American Old West; a western.Rate it:
object lessonA lesson taught using a familiar or unusual object as a focus.Rate it:
object lessonAnything used an example or lesson which serves to warn others as to the outcomes that result from a particular action or behavior, as exemplified by the fates of those who followed that course.Rate it:
object lessonA punishment intended as a deterrent to others.Rate it:
object lessonAn example that typifies a principle.Rate it:
occupy oneselfTo keep busy by doing somethingRate it:
odd and curiousA way to designate special coins, namely coins that are both odd and imperfect or seriously damaged.Rate it:
odd and curiousOn the Isle of Man, the common or general man.Rate it:
odd duckAn unusual person, especially an individual with an idiosyncratic personality or peculiar behavioral characteristics.Rate it:
odd fishAn unusual thing or eccentric person.Rate it:
odd one outA visual puzzle where the guesser has to choose which word/picture/symbol etc. does not fit with the others.Rate it:
odd one outSomething or someone in a group that is different or exceptional, that does not fit.Rate it:
oddballAn eccentric person; goofy.Rate it:
odds and endsMiscellaneous things.Rate it:
odds and sodsMiscellaneous items.Rate it:
odds and sodsOrdinary people who lack distinction.Rate it:
ODTAAone damn thing after anotherRate it:
of aEvery.Rate it:
of a kindOf the same type or character.Rate it:
of a pieceUsed other than as an idiom: see of, a, piece.Rate it:
of a pieceOf the same kind.Rate it:
of all peopleEspecially; more than other people.Rate it:
of all the gin jointsan expression of astonishment (and possibly of good or bad luck) at a coincidence, especially of seeing someone somewhere unexpectedly; A shortened version of, "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine."Rate it:
of all thingsEspecially; more than other things.Rate it:
of all thingsSurprisingly.Rate it:
of anBelonging to the same.Rate it:
of anIndicates a more or less habitual activity during the given part of the day.Rate it:
of choicepreferred above others.Rate it:
of courseAcknowledges the validity of the associated phrase.Rate it:
of courseAsserts that the associated phrase should not be argued, particularly if it is obvious or there is no choice in the matter.Rate it:
of courseIndicates enthusiastic agreement.Rate it:
of cozof courseRate it:
of lateIn the recent past; recently; lately.Rate it:
of notedistinguished, famousRate it:
of one mindHaving the same viewpoint, opinion, or attitude; in agreement.Rate it:
of sortsResembling; similar to; in a way; partial or not entire; somewhat.Rate it:
of that ilkUsed other than as an idiom. Of that kind; of the same kind of person or thing as the one just mentioned.Rate it:
of that ilkHaving a name that is the same as the place where one lives.Rate it:
of the classTo be of the particular section, community, class.Rate it:
of the same kidneyOf the same character, or of the same type. It usually has a bad meaning.Rate it:
of the same stripeOf the same kind; having the same opinion or viewpoint.Rate it:
of two mindsUndecided or unsure; equivocating; conflicted in one's opinions.Rate it:
off and onoccasionallyRate it:
off and runningLaunched or launching vigorously into a course of action.Rate it:
off balanceNot physical balanced; not having physical equilibrium.Rate it:
off balanceSurprised; perplexed.Rate it:
off boardNot participating.Rate it:
off boardNot on or in a means of transportation.Rate it:
off chanceA condition of not being likely or probable.Rate it:
off licencedrinks shopRate it:

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