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    pif that troon!
    Troon: A irritating, aggravating, rude entity, who's sole purpose is to irritate & harass, unsuspecting, innocent people. A purposeful frustrating annoyer. "Pif"{3-step}: A special forces teckneik. A sheath knive issued to silently eliminate a enemy sentinel. 1:Approaching the enemy silently from the rear, stricking the back of the knees, as to buckle them, while cupping the mouth & cutting the throat & jugular vien simotancely. 2:Next immediately using the hand holding your knife, you in a upward thrust pierce the base of the skull fully sinking the length of blade & twist or jiggle. 3: Imeadiatly removing and reversing the blade to a downward position raming it down the spinelcoard & repeat the twist or jiggle. Done correctly it should take 3 seconds or less, with no scream, twitching or jerking of the enemy guard, or solder. Plop, drop, done, done, on to the next one! " Troon Pifing". The prefured "Pif" Knife is a Double edged Military Commando style sheath knife. "Pif that Troon!"
    Equivalent of WTF?
    zop! {reply:} {"u~know!"}
    A statement made by entities affiliated with "ZOP!" The correct reply for a affiliate is {"U~Know!"}, all done sutolly as to not draw the attention of those not affiliated.
    Another word used for "yes"
    a chip on your shoulder
    Being angry about something that happened in the past; holding a grudge.