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  • courtneye
    Phrases.com has become an invaluable companion in my journey of language exploration. Whether I'm searching for the perfect quote, seeking a creative expression, or just looking to enhance my linguistic skills, this platform delivers with precision. The vast collection of phrases, idioms, and expressions caters to a variety of contexts, making it an indispensable tool for writers, language enthusiasts, and anyone aiming to communicate with flair. The user-friendly interface and regularly updated content make Phrases.com a go-to resource that consistently exceeds expectations. Kudos to the team for curating such a diverse and enriching linguistic treasure trove! 
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  • PinkPuma
    I searched up phrases starting with “the fourth” and the answer was “the fourth estate” but that wasn’t an option
    Please add.
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nice to almost meet you
The phrase "Nice to almost meet you" is a friendly and informal way of expressing regret or acknowledging that the encounter is not happening at the moment but might occur in the future. It is often used humorously or to convey a sense of anticipation. For example, if two people were in the same location but didn't have the chance to formally introduce themselves, one might say, "Nice to almost meet you" as a lighthearted way of acknowledging the missed opportunity and leaving the door open for a proper introduction later.
peas and carrots
a phrase used by actors in background scenes that is either verbally said or mouthed to other actors so that their lips move
casual expression
a word in the dictionary that has an alternate definition than the dictionary definition or a phrase that means something different than its words put together would literally mean when put together
verbal phrase
two or more words that when put together express a thought or idea
verbal phrase
two or more words that when put together express a thought or idea


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