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  • PinkPuma
    I searched up phrases starting with “the fourth” and the answer was “the fourth estate” but that wasn’t an option
    Please add.
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spitting cotton or spittin' cotton
Very thirsty. Used in the Southern USA.
brush under the carpet
To hide, cover up or overlook something, usually a negative thing
joker in the pack
An unpredictable element, person, or aberration which can have an unexpected effect on an outcome or situation
heavens to murgatroyd
It&#039;s the same as saying: Heavens to Betsy or Oh For Heaven&#039;s Sake or OMG or For the Love of Pete! but more often when something is bad and/or shocking rather than good. It&#039;s an expression of shock or awe or astonishment usually not in a good way (connotation).
off the charts
Exceeding expectations or standard measurements; Wonderful, exciting, grand


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There's no use in __________ over spilled milk.
  • A. weeping
  • B. crying
  • C. screaming
  • D. laughing

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