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  • courtneye
    Phrases.com has become an invaluable companion in my journey of language exploration. Whether I'm searching for the perfect quote, seeking a creative expression, or just looking to enhance my linguistic skills, this platform delivers with precision. The vast collection of phrases, idioms, and expressions caters to a variety of contexts, making it an indispensable tool for writers, language enthusiasts, and anyone aiming to communicate with flair. The user-friendly interface and regularly updated content make Phrases.com a go-to resource that consistently exceeds expectations. Kudos to the team for curating such a diverse and enriching linguistic treasure trove! 
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  • PinkPuma
    I searched up phrases starting with “the fourth” and the answer was “the fourth estate” but that wasn’t an option
    Please add.
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bust a gut
To laugh vehemently or uncontrollably; Any reaction (to some news or a sudden change) which is furious, violent, or of an extreme nature; Also one of many similar euphemisms meaning to highly exert oneself
shake a leg
hurry up
truer words have never been spoken
I agree that what was just said is true
crashing bore
A person who talks in a loud and boring fashion who everyone tries to avoid
with every fiber of one’s being
Conclusively, very strongly or to the fullest extent possible; Also: with the entirety of one’s enthusiasm, conviction, or desire


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Praise the ____ and they will flourish
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C Children
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