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how to congratulate on marriage?
Marriage is a beautiful occasion, not just for the groom and bride, but for all their friends and family too. It is a great occasion for bonding, making new relationships and strengthening the existing ones. Usually, we just say ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Best wishes’ when we wish the couple a ‘happy married life’, but here are some more innovative ways to wish the married couples, especially when you are writing them a personalized note or a card! There are different scenarios – for example, the wedding could be of your close friend, or your boss, coworker, sibling, children, grandchildren and so on. Based on each scenario, the message can be either funny, formal or casual. Whatever be the scenario, the message should convey your deepest wishes in the best possible manner. Here are some ideas for different situations – Formal wishes It is your colleague’s or acquaintance’s wedding and you don’t want to sound boring or repetitive. Well that also doesn’t mean you will have to write a poem! A warm, friendly and thoughtful note will do just fine – •Wishing you love and happiness today and forever •May this day bring you a lifetime of happiness and togetherness •May this day be a reminder of your eternal love and a promising journey together. •Best wishes for a beautiful and joyous journey together •I wish that the love that bonds you today grows stronger as the days pass by •I wish your love shines more and more in the years to come. •Thank you for making me a part of this lovely celebration, I wish the best for both of you! Welcoming a member/friend into your family/group •We are happy to welcome you into our family, best wishes to both of you. •You are an absolutely delight and we are lucky to have you in our circle. •It is with joy and deep emotions, that I welcome you into our family. •It is a joyful day for all of us and we welcome you wholeheartedly into our beautiful and loving nest. •I am thrilled to welcome you as the new member of our family and wish you the best of everything. Casual wishes Well, plain old ‘Congratulations’ or ‘Best wishes’ work fine for friends, close relatives etc., but a short and sweet message sure goes a long way in making the memories more memorable. •We are/I am so happy for you and wish the best for you! •Loads of hugs and kisses for this beautiful day of your life. •We are/I am excited to be a part of this celebration of the best day of your life. •Loads of best wishes for a great future together •I wish your bond will grow stronger as you sail through this exciting journey of life together •Three cheers to a happy and long marriage, dear friend! Well, have you wished anyone for their wedding recently? What did you say or write? Let us know through the comments!
to have a brush with
To encounter
never mind that. where's that big, fat billiken of mine?
Said by Oliver Hardy's wife in a sequence of the movie Block-Heads (1938)