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#pitstoptoyourpurposeHashtag, phrase, ministry, movement by Activist Greshun De Bouse to describe how the storms of life are just a temporary stop en route to one's divine destiny; As creator of the phrase and hashtag, De Bouse is the first to use #pitstoptoyourpurpose on social media and online anywhere.Rate it:
& ceteraSiglum of "and"Rate it:
& seq.Siglum of "and"Rate it:
& seqq.Siglum of "and"Rate it:
& uxorSiglum of "and"Rate it:
'atta girlUsed to show encouragement or approval to a girl or woman. Female version of attaboy.Rate it:
's all goodShortened version of "It's all good." No problem; that’s fine; you’re welcome.Rate it:
&cSiglum of "and"Rate it:
&c.Siglum of "and"Rate it:
"...three philosophical problems that are ineliminable from any version of theism"the phrase comes from a philosophical book (by Alasdair MacIntyre, professor at Notre Dame University)Rate it:
"a dream motivated by intuition does not rest until it achieves its goal."DreamRate it:
"a glass of water quenches your thirst, a whole sea drowns you."GlassRate it:
"a grain of sand is only noticed inside the shoe."ShoeRate it:
"a man motivated by a woman doesn't rest until his dreams come true."DreamRate it:
"a motivated person flies without wings, an unmotivated person, wings weigh."MotivatedRate it:
"a united nation rules, a disunited nation is governed."NationRate it:
"a woman motivated by a goal doesn't rest until she realizes her dream."DreamRate it:
"art for me is to find something inside yourself that the other has difficulty doing."ArtRate it:
"before kicking the ball into the goal, think like a goalkeeper."GoalkeeperRate it:
"even without an audience, do your show." god is seeing.ShowRate it:
"evolving is knowing that there is more intelligence outside than inside me."EvolvingRate it:
"how can i believe someone who doesn't use 100% of their brain?"BrainRate it:
"how can i say i'm right if i don't use 100% of my brain?"BrainRate it:
"i don't have to listen to your footsteps, the path you follow does not lead to my destination."DestinationRate it:
"i won because my coach didn't give up."CoachRate it:
"i'm not going left, i'm not going to the right, i'm not going forward or backward, i'm going to godGodRate it:
"if i told a herd of oxen they are on the wrong path, would they believe me?"WrongRate it:
"if the human being doesn't use 100% of his brain, how can he be right in the things he does and speBrainRate it:
"if you don't use 100% of your brain, how are you right in what you do or say?"BrainRate it:
"ignorance is a seed that bears no fruit."IgnoranceRate it:
"it doesn't matter if you're a genius, if you don't have a lamp, you won't get your wish."GeniusRate it:
"it's in the little things that we find great friends."FriendsRate it:
"life is a mathematical complex that you gain or lose with your actions."LifeRate it:
"life should be a celebration and not a competition."LifeRate it:
"lord god, don't let the noise of the world keep me from hearing you."something someone says that they will be able to get or hear an answer to their prayer without worldly things getting in the way of being able to receive itRate it:
"love is a code that doesn't connect when it's not compatible."LoveRate it:
"my last request is to spend eternity drinking wine with god."Wine GodRate it:
"no one leads you astray if you don't accept."LeadsRate it:
"only those who dream in color can change a black and white world."DreamRate it:
"prima di dire: non sei capace di volare, dagli le tue ali."AliRate it:
"since i don't use 100% of my brain, i can't say i'm right in what i do or say."BrainRate it:
"success is winning in silence other people who are in front of you without deserving itSuccessRate it:
"the determined seed grows regardless of the opinion of trees that do not bear fruit."SeedRate it:
"the probability of becoming rich is much greater than of becoming poor."RichRate it:
"there is a supreme wisdom beyond human knowledge."WisdomRate it:
"there is no army greater than an unarmed united people defending a country."PaeseRate it:
"there is no negative energy that resists positive people."EnergyRate it:
"there is no way to change the train's destination without changing the tracks."DestinationRate it:
"those who don't know how to look will never find it."TroseRate it:
"those who know the sea of god do not water their lives with tears."TearsRate it:

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