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zero hourThe set time for an action, event, vital decision, or decisive change to take place; the hour at which a planned military operation is scheduledRate it:
zero inTo focus one's aim; to zoom in and center on something.Rate it:
zero in onTo aim precisely at a target.Rate it:
zero in onTo successfully narrow down a search.Rate it:
zero in onTo concentrate or focus one's attention on at task.Rate it:
zero in onTo converge on something.Rate it:
zero outTo reduce to zero.Rate it:
zero outTo cut off funding for.Rate it:
zero outTo fill with zeros, replacing any previous contents.Rate it:
zero rulingTotal freedom without anybody to be call a ruler that will give ordersRate it:
zero-daynewly discovered, and therefore still not fixed and possibly exploited by hackers or other criminalsRate it:
zero-daybenefiting from newly found and yet unpatched or unmitigated flaw in software or hardware; using zero-day vulnerabilityRate it:
zero-dayUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see zero,‎ day.Rate it:
zig when one should zagTo misstep or err.Rate it:
zip downTo unzipRate it:
zip itBe quiet; the same as zip one's lip.Rate it:
zip one's lipTo stop talking; to be quiet.Rate it:
zip upTo close with a zip fastener.Rate it:
zip upTo close as if with a zip fastener.Rate it:
zip upTo convert a computer file into a smaller package.Rate it:
zip your lipBe quiet.Rate it:
zombie outBecome like a zombie in being listless, vacant, and unresponsive.Rate it:
zone outTo stop paying attention and think about something else, or to think about nothing.Rate it:
zone outTo relax, to chill-out.Rate it:
zonk outTo fall suddenly into a very deep sleep.Rate it:
zoom alongTo proceed quickly a long distance.Rate it:
zoom downTo move quickly along a particular route, list, etc.Rate it:
zoom inTo focus a zoom lens in order to obtain a larger image, or a closer view.Rate it:
zoom inSo as to make it larger and possibly more detailed.Rate it:
zoom outTo focus a zoom lens in order to obtain a smaller image, or a more distant view.Rate it:
zoom outSo as to make it smaller and possibly less detailed.Rate it:
zoom pastTo pass very quickly.Rate it:
zop! {reply:} {"u~know!"}A statement made by entities affiliated with "ZOP!" The correct reply for a affiliate is {"U~Know!"}, all done sutolly as to not draw the attention of those not affiliated.Rate it:

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