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b.s.'Bull ship', abbreviated.Rate it:
babe in armsAn infant.Rate it:
Babe in the WoodsSomeone, who is inexperienced in many matters of life and has the habit of trusting others very quicklyRate it:
babe in the woodsA person who is innocent, naive, inexperienced, or helpless.Rate it:
babe magnetA person, especially a man, to whom women are attracted.Rate it:
babes in the woodCriminals in the stocks, or pillory.Rate it:
babies for benefitsTerm popularized by Curtis Lassiter-father of Renowned Global Activist Greshun De Bouse-to describe the tendency of some females to produce children with males for the sole purpose of receiving a child support check. #babiesforbenefitsRate it:
baby bluesBlue eyes.Rate it:
baby bluesPeriod and feeling of depressiveness after giving birth; a less severe form of postnatal depression.Rate it:
baby brainForgetfulness incurred from pregnancy.Rate it:
baby elephant in the roomAn obvious but mostly inconsequential issue.Rate it:
baby on boardPhrase on a sign attached to the rear of a motor car to signify that a baby is sometimes carried.Rate it:
baby upto treat as a baby.Rate it:
baby-killeran abortionistRate it:
baby-killera pregnant woman who receives an abortionRate it:
baby-killera person who advocates abortionRate it:
baby-killera long-range Zeppelin bomberRate it:
baby-killera Vietnam veteran returning to the United States, used by war opponentsRate it:
baby-killera saloon, used by the Temperance MovementRate it:
baby-killerUsed other than as an idiom: see baby, killer.Rate it:
babysitter testAn informal method for assessing the maturity, reliability, or probity of a person, inviting one to judge whether one would entrust this person with the care of one's own children.Rate it:
babysitter testA test for the ease of use of household appliances.Rate it:
back and bettercoming back togetherRate it:
back and forthunsureRate it:
back at yaEye dialect spelling of back at you.Rate it:
back at youUsed to return a greeting.Rate it:
back atchaAlternative form of back at youRate it:
back awayOf your attention on the thing in front being avoided.Rate it:
back burnerA section of a stove used to keep some pots warm while one focuses on others.Rate it:
back burnerA state of low urgency; a state of low current importance.Rate it:
back downTo take a less aggressive position in a conflict than one previously has or has planned to.Rate it:
back for moreTo enjoy something so much to where you want to return or do it again.Rate it:
back fortyThe remote part of a farm.Rate it:
back fortyThe most remote or inaccessible part of any place.Rate it:
back gammon playerA sodomite.Rate it:
back inTo reverse a vehicle into a space.Rate it:
back inA betting term from French hazardRate it:
back in harnessTo be restored to one's employment or office. Often said of someone returning to work after recovering from illness.Rate it:
back in the dayIn the past; at one time, especially a time which is fondly remembered.Rate it:
back in the game In sports, when a losing team regains chances for winningRate it:
back in the gameHaving recovered from a disadvantageous position.Rate it:
back in the game To return to a particular industry or disciplineRate it:
back in the knife drawer, Miss SharpSaid as a retort to somebody who has made a cutting remark.Rate it:
back in the saddleA return to work, return to military detachment, return to usual lifestyle.Rate it:
back intoTo back up or walk backwards and hit something.Rate it:
back intoTo reverse a vehicle into a space.Rate it:
back of beyondA very remote place.Rate it:
back of one's handA slap.Rate it:
back of one's handA display of disrespect or scorn.Rate it:
back offTo move backwards away from something.Rate it:

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