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be alongTo arrive.Rate it:
be an open bookOne's life and times can be an open book by simply sharing, answering queries, being forthright, carrying no baggage or disagreements.Rate it:
be aroundTo be alive, existent, or present.Rate it:
be as silent as the graveto say absolutely nothing (especially about a particular subject)Rate it:
be at one's beck and callTo be in the position of serving someone in any way they desire, usually unwillingly.Rate it:
be born yesterdayTo be new, naive, innocent, inexperienced, or easily deceived.Rate it:
be camera readyMaintain your photo equipment, prepare for instant accessibility, carry film of various speeds.Rate it:
be careful what you wish forThe desired outcome may not be as desirable once it has been attained.Rate it:
be glad to see the back ofTo be glad to get rid of someone; to be glad someone has left.Rate it:
be had upTo be accused of, or arrested for a criminal act.Rate it:
be here forBe excited for; be in favour of.Rate it:
be here forAlternative form of be there forRate it:
be honest with youAn often used and often heard expression, probably utilized extensively to enhance one's integrity, approval and attractiveness.Rate it:
be in a spot of botherTo have a slight problem, to be in a predicament.Rate it:
be in and outTo enter somewhere, and then quickly leave.Rate it:
be in forTo be able to expect or anticipate; to be about to suffer, generally said of something unpleasant.Rate it:
be in luckTo be lucky in getting something that one wants.Rate it:
be in onTo be a party to a secret shared by a small group of people.Rate it:
be in one's altitudesTo be drunk.Rate it:
be it as it mayEven if that is the case; whether that is true or not; nevertheless.Rate it:
be left holding the babyTo be left with the responsibility of resolving a problem.Rate it:
be mechanically inclinedBe able to understand how machines workRate it:
be motherTo pour out tea for others.Rate it:
be my guestDo as you wish; go ahead; help yourself; go for it!.Rate it:
be of two mindsTo be undecided or unsure; to equivocate; to have multiple opinions.Rate it:
be offTo leave.Rate it:
be offTo be working against a present or former addiction to.Rate it:
be offTo be away from.Rate it:
be off with youGo away; get out.Rate it:
be on aboutTalk about; mean, intend.Rate it:
be on the edge of one's seatTo be in suspense; to wait eagerly or anxiously for some resolution.Rate it:
be on the horns of a dilemmaTo face a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives.Rate it:
be on toTo figure out; to realize the truth.Rate it:
be one's own worst enemyTo cause problems for one's self, act contrary to one's own interest, self-sabotage.Rate it:
be oneselfTo behave or act naturally, without regard to how this behavior is perceived by others.Rate it:
be ontoAlternative form of be on toRate it:
be out forTo seek or pursue, especially to determinedly pursue something to one's own benefit.Rate it:
be pastTo have recovered from; to no longer believe that an experience is important.Rate it:
be preparedUsed other than as an idiom: see be, prepared.Rate it:
be preparedTo always be in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty (motto of the Boy Scouts and pioneers).Rate it:
be preparedTo be prepared for a sexual encounter by carrying or possessing condoms or other means for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.Rate it:
be right backUsed to indicate the speaker will return in a moment. Often abbreviated in online slang as brb.Rate it:
be sickUsed other than as an idiom: be sick.Rate it:
be sickto vomitRate it:
be snowed underTo have a lot of things to do, usually work-related.Rate it:
be still my beating heartAlternative form of be still my heartRate it:
be still my heartCalm down, this situation is too exciting or overly distressing.Rate it:
be taken illDue to sudden illness.Rate it:
be taken illTo become ill.Rate it:
be that as it mayEven if that is the case; whether that is true or not; nevertheless.Rate it:

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