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back ontoTo overlook something from the rear.Rate it:
back outTo withdraw from something one has promised to do.Rate it:
back outTo reverse a vehicle from a confined space.Rate it:
Back to Drawing BoardTo start some work again from the basics to eliminate the errors that made the earlier plan failRate it:
back to our muttonsTo get back to the business at hand.Rate it:
back to square oneLocated back at the start, as after a dead-end or failure.Rate it:
Back to Square OneA situation in which, one has to return to an earlier state due to certain drawbacks or failuresRate it:
back to the drawing boardBack to the beginning following an unsuccessful attempt.Rate it:
back to the wall(Can we clean up this sense?) A very difficult situation with no beneficial options available for action.Rate it:
back upAs a security measure.Rate it:
back upTo move backwards, especially for a vehicle to do so.Rate it:
back upTo move a vehicle backwards.Rate it:
back upTo provide support or the promise of support.Rate it:
back upFor the non-striker to take a few steps down the pitch, in preparation to taking a run, just as the bowler bowls the ball.Rate it:
back upSo as to stop the ball, and prevent overthrows.Rate it:
back wallUsed other than as an idiom: see back, wall.Rate it:
back wallThe wall at the back of a racquetball or squash court, directly opposite the front wall.Rate it:
back waterA very remote, rural area.Rate it:
back-asswardAlternative form of bass-ackwards.Rate it:
back-asswardsAlternative form of bass-ackwards.Rate it:
back-burnerHaving low urgency; not currently important.Rate it:
back-cloth starAn actor who stands upstage, forcing the other actors to face him and turn their backs to the audience, in order to gain more attention to himself.Rate it:
back-cloth starAn actor who stands upstage, forcing the other actors to face him and turn their backs to the audience, in order to draw more attention to himself.Rate it:
back-of-the-envelopeApproximate, rough, simplified.Rate it:
back-of-the-envelopeApproximate, rough, simplified, especially of a calculation, estimation or other reasoning.Rate it:
back-to-backIdentical or similar and sequential.Rate it:
back-to-backWith one's back facing somebody else's back.Rate it:
back-to-back-to-backsequential or consecutive, in the case of exactly three events.Rate it:
backasswardAlternative form of bass-ackwards.Rate it:
backasswardsAlternative form of bass-ackwards.Rate it:
backfootTo put on the defensive; to put off balance.Rate it:
backhanded complimentan insult disguised as a compliment; a compliment which can be interpreted as an insult.Rate it:
backpedalTo distance oneself from an earlier claim or statement; back off from an idea.Rate it:
backpedalTo pedal backwards on a bicycle.Rate it:
backpedalTo step backwards.Rate it:
backseat driverA passenger in a car who insists on giving the driver directions.Rate it:
backseat driverBy extension, anybody offering unsolicited or unwelcome advice.Rate it:
Backseat DriverA person, who is bossy and likes to give unwanted advices and order to othersRate it:
backwaterThe water held back by a dam or other obstructionRate it:
backwaterA remote place; somewhere that remains unaffected by new events, progresses, ideas, etc.Rate it:
backwaterA rowing stroke in which the oar is pushed forward to stop the boat; see back waterRate it:
backwaterTo row or paddle a backwater stroke.Rate it:
backwaterTo vacillate on a long-held position.Rate it:
bacon fedFat, greasy.Rate it:
bacon-facedHaving a fat, sleek face.Rate it:
bacon-fedFat.Rate it:
bad actorIndividual or entity with the prior criminal conviction, or who has been sanctioned by the court or regulator.Rate it:
bad actorIll-intentioned, mean, ill-tempered person.Rate it:
bad actorUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see bad,‎ actor.Rate it:
bad appleA person who is not wholesome, honest, or trustworthy, especially one who has an adverse influence on others.Rate it:

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