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beat upTo feel badly guilty and accuse oneself over something. Usually followed by over.Rate it:
beat upRepeatedly bomb a military target or targets.Rate it:
beat upTo get something done, derived from the idea of beating for game.Rate it:
beat upTo verbally assault repeatedly.Rate it:
beat your arseDepression Expression of threatened punishment if the child or youth ever repeated the act or expression.Rate it:
Beat Your Swords into PlowsharesTo abandon any sort of fights and divert attention and efforts towards some peaceful activitiesRate it:
beating around the bushAvoiding factual responses, offering evasive statements, presenting dubious evidence.Rate it:
beats meEvent, proposition, arrangement, of such complexity that it is beyond belief.Rate it:
beats meI don't know; I have no idea.Rate it:
beats one's swords into ploughsharesThird-person singular simple present indicative form of beat one's swords into ploughsharesRate it:
beats one's swords into plowsharesAlternative spelling of beats one's swords into ploughsharesRate it:
Beaut {bute}- - aka BeautyA Pretty Girl or Attractive Woman Pulchritudinous Female, A Sweet Woman, What More Do You Desire?Rate it:
beautiful peopleFashionable, privileged, glamorous people, especially those belonging to international high society.Rate it:
beauty is in the eye of the beholderIndividuals have different inclinations on what is beautiful. Individuals have different beauty standards.Rate it:
Beauty is in the Eye of the BeholderThere is no specific standard to measure beauty. So, if a person sees a beautiful thing it is not necessary that it is found beautiful by other too. They might have different opinions, as every person has his own ideas and approach.Rate it:
beauty is only skin deepWhat matters is a person's character, rather than his/her appearance.Rate it:
beauty lies in the eyes of the beholderAlternative form of beauty is in the eye of the beholderRate it:
beauty markOr artificially using cosmetics.Rate it:
beauty queenThe female winner of a beauty contest.Rate it:
beauty sleepC. 1900, Ralph Connor, The Man From Glengarry, ch. 23.Rate it:
beauty sleepExtra sleep or a special nap.Rate it:
beauty sleepSleep before midnight, on the belief that early sleep hours conduce to health and beauty.Rate it:
beauty spotmoleRate it:
beaver awayTo busily undertake a large task.Rate it:
because is whySynonym of because reasonsRate it:
because reasonsUsed to avoid specifying the reasons for something, perhaps because specifying them would be tangential to the point at hand, or perhaps because they are not sound or are not known to the speaker.Rate it:
because you touch yourself at nightUsed to humourously deflect a request for a reason.Rate it:
beck and callSummons and control, in a position of servitude or as an attendant.Rate it:
become ofto happen to, to occur to.Rate it:
become one fleshTo join together in marriage; to develop a unifying bond as a result of marrying.Rate it:
bed blockerAn elderly hospitalized person who is too infirm to return home but not sufficiently ill to necessitate continued hospitalization, creating a situation in which his or her hospital stay is prolonged while authorities or relatives search for a suitable placement amid the scarce resources of nursing homes or other long-term care facilities.Rate it:
bed downTo lie down to sleep for the night, usually of livestock or machinery.Rate it:
bed downTo put an animal to rest for the night.Rate it:
bed downThe act of lying down, reclining, preparing for sleep by assuming a supine position/reclining/upon or in a quiet, comfortable venue.Rate it:
bed into settle, to make [someone] feel at homeRate it:
bed of rosesA comfortable or luxurious position.Rate it:
bed of rosesA pleasant or easy situation.Rate it:
Bed of RosesAn amazing person or condition that is very comfortable or pleasantRate it:
bed outTo transfer a young plant from an inside location such as a greenhouse to an outdoors flower bed.Rate it:
bed them downTo ​lie down ​somewhere, usually ​somewhere different from where you usually ​sleep, in ​order to go to ​sleep.Rate it:
bed them downAnimal husbandry term. Domesticated animals are treated in the USA with tender loving care. Caretakers of animals provide comfortable resting and sleeping places for the nighttime.Rate it:
beddableSexually attractive.Rate it:
beddable[...] feminine, great body great legs great taste, trained and beddable, Jesus, how beddable.Rate it:
beddy-byeBedtime for a toddler, going to sleep, going to bed.Rate it:
BEDMASBrackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction; a mnemonic for arithmetic order of precedence, with B first and AS last.Rate it:
bedroom eyesEyes that have a sexually suggestive expression.Rate it:
bee in one's bonnetSomething of particular interest or concern; an obsession.Rate it:
Bee in Your BonnetAn idea, which is thought to be crazy or exciting, someone’s obsession with a certain idea or explanationRate it:
bee's kneesSomething excellent, outstanding.Rate it:
beef to the hoofFat, chubby, particularly with fat legs.Rate it:

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