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Are you a phrases master? Dare to take the ultimate idioms challenge? Don't be so shy — Our Fun Phrases Quiz presents questions and answers on daily casual expressions to help test and enrich your knowledge.

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Pick the missing word in the following expression:



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  • Turtle
    A bit confused as to whether this quiz is supposed to be based on British English or American English, as most of the idioms I encountered were American English, except... in American English, the phrase is "a watched pot never boils" (as Americans use pots much more often than they use kettles); "a watched kettle never boils" is the British English term, making it confusing which one is being used. It sounds like it goes in the other direction too, using "two cents" instead of "two pence". This quiz should have the English language one split into British and American (and maybe even Australian), as the one area the two dialects differ most is with regard to idioms; this itself gave rise to the phrase "separated by a common language". At the very least have a little flag or abbreviation next to the question indicating where the phrase is from. 
    LikeReplyReport3 days ago
  • ajwofjiew
    But, I still agree.
    LikeReplyReport14 days ago
    09/10 in 01:02 ................... I don't like the "big" draw. It should have been a "quick" draw!
    LikeReplyReport 216 days ago
  • Beeweewee
    I think you should add meanings to the phrases. It would be more efficient to learn
    LikeReplyReport 222 days ago
  • calib.66597
    Question two is ambiguously worded. Here in the UK, its "Two pence worth"
    LikeReplyReport 223 days ago

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