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p'd offpaid offRate it:
p'd offAnnoyed, irritated, angry; depressed, fed up.Rate it:
p.e makes dinosurds all sweatA common mnemonic that is used to help people remember the order of operations, in the PEMDAS order.Rate it:
pachydermA member of the obsolete taxonomic group Pachydermata, grouping of thick-skinned, hoofed animals such as the rhinoceros, hippopotamus, elephant, pig and horse.Rate it:
pachydermWhat others say about him or her.Rate it:
pachydermSomeone who is insensitive.Rate it:
pachydermSomeone with thick skin. It is used for animals such as an elephant or a hippopotamus.Rate it:
pack a punchTo have a swift and powerful effect or to be capable of having such an effect.Rate it:
pack a punchTo be capable of throwing a strong punch.Rate it:
pack awayTo eat a great deal.Rate it:
pack awayBeautifully wrapped giftRate it:
pack awayTo store away, place out of the way, or stash, especially for the longer term.Rate it:
pack fudgeto perform homosexual anal sex.Rate it:
pack heatTo carry one or more handguns on one's person, especially in a concealed manner.Rate it:
pack into give up, to quitRate it:
pack into include (especially of a large amount)Rate it:
pack inThis term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.Rate it:
pack of liesTotal lies, complete untruthRate it:
pack offTo send away, with belongings, for a long time.Rate it:
pack onTo add so as to increase mass or bulk.Rate it:
pack on the poundsTo gain weight, especially as a result of vigorous or excessive eating.Rate it:
pack outTo fill with spectatorsRate it:
pack upTo give in.Rate it:
pack upTo clear away.Rate it:
pack upTo put back together.Rate it:
pack upTo move one's residence.Rate it:
pack upTo prepare for shipping, as a gift.Rate it:
packed to the gillsAlternative form of to the gills.Rate it:
packed to the gillsOverly packing a suitcase when it is difficult to close it. Carrying a lot of things with few options to handle it all. Overly packed.Rate it:
packed to the raftersCompletely full; packedRate it:
packing heatCarrying one or more firearms on one's person, especially in a concealed manner.Rate it:
pacta sunt servandaAgreements must be kept.Rate it:
pad downTo frisk, pat downRate it:
pad downTo reduce a signal.Rate it:
pad downTo spend the night somewhere.Rate it:
pad outto add something extra to something to make it appear more substantialRate it:
pad outto sleep or go to bedRate it:
pad the accountTo enrich one's self with money, sometimes unjustlyRate it:
padded cellA room in insane asylum with padding on the walls to prevent delusional occupants from injuring themselves.Rate it:
paddle one's own canoeTo independently make the decisions or perform the duties, tasks, etc. which are one's own responsibility and which affect oneself.Rate it:
page downTo scroll down to the next page of content.Rate it:
page inTo transfer from auxiliary storage.Rate it:
page outTo transfer to auxiliary storage.Rate it:
page upTo scroll up to the previous page of content.Rate it:
paid upFully paid.Rate it:
paid upsimple past tense and past participle of pay upRate it:
paid upFull-fledged, wholehearted.Rate it:
pain and sufferingUsed other than as an idiom: see pain, suffering.Rate it:
pain and sufferingA species of damages that one may recover for physical or mental pain that results from a wrong done.Rate it:
pain in the assSomething that causes discomfort or is otherwise troublesome.Rate it:

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