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pink slimeUsed other than as an idiom: see pink, slime. Slime which is pink.Rate it:
pink slimeAn undesirable pink-colored microbial mass occurring in the slurry used in making paper. [from 1951]Rate it:
pink slimeA meat byproduct produced from scraps by heating and then treating with ammonia to produce a food additive. [from 2002]Rate it:
pink slipTo get out of the jobRate it:
pink slipAn automobile roadworthiness inspection certificate.Rate it:
pink slipNotice of the termination of employment.Rate it:
pink upOf a transplanted organ: to acquire a pinkish hue as a result of blood entering it from the circulatory system.Rate it:
pip to the postto overcome a strong competitor in a sporting event, especially by gaining a small advantage over him at the last decisive moment.Rate it:
pip to the postto overcome a prominent competitor, gaining his position, especially by making a smart sudden move.Rate it:
pipeMeanings relating to a wind instrument.Rate it:
pipeMeanings relating to a hollow conduit.Rate it:
pipeMeanings relating to a container.Rate it:
pipeMeanings relating to something resembling a tube.Rate it:
pipeMeanings relating to a smoking implement.Rate it:
pipeMeanings relating to computing.Rate it:
pipe downTo be quiet; to refrain from being noisy.Rate it:
pipe dreamA plan, desire, or idea that will not likely work; a near impossibility.Rate it:
pipe dreamfanciful hopeRate it:
pipe upTo speak up.Rate it:
piping hotVery hot.Rate it:
piss aboutto joke or playRate it:
piss aboutto misbehave; to act foolishlyRate it:
piss and moanTo complain, especially needlessly and loudly.Rate it:
piss and vinegarExuberance or enthusiasm, especially to an excessive degree; bravado; youthful energy.Rate it:
piss aroundto joke or playRate it:
piss aroundto misbehave; to act foolishlyRate it:
piss awayTo spend wastefully.Rate it:
piss downTo rain heavily.Rate it:
piss in someone's cornflakesTo disappoint or irritate someone.Rate it:
piss like a racehorseTo urinate profusely.Rate it:
piss money up the wallTo waste money, normally through ineptness in business.Rate it:
piss more than one drinksto boast; to bragRate it:
piss offTo leave, to go away.Rate it:
piss offTo annoy, anger.Rate it:
piss onTo show complete contempt for someone or something.Rate it:
piss on someone's bonfireto disappoint or discourage someone by ruining or criticising their plans or aspirations.Rate it:
piss one's pantsto wet oneself, to urinate in one's clothes when they're being worn.Rate it:
piss one's pantsto laugh uncontrollablyRate it:
piss upAlternative spelling of piss-up.Rate it:
piss upto screw up, make a mess ofRate it:
piss upto blunder, to make a mistakeRate it:
piss up a ropeTo engage in futile or impossible activity.Rate it:
pissassworthless, backward, undeveloped, nondescript, reprehensible, or smallRate it:
pissed as a fartVery drunk.Rate it:
pissed as a newtDrunk to the point of incapacity, inebriated.Rate it:
pissed offAnnoyed, upset, angry.Rate it:
pissin like a race horseTo urinate profusely.Rate it:
pissing contestA boys' prankish competition to determine who can urinate the furthest up a wall.Rate it:
pissing contestAn argument which is instigated, or exacerbated while consuming alcohol.Rate it:
pissing contestAn immature dispute over some trivial matter.Rate it:

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