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practice makes perfectIf one practices an activity enough, one will eventually master it.Rate it:
practice what you preachTo practice what you preach means to do as you say. To live by example.Rate it:
practice, practice, practiceemphatic guidance on the importance of practice to learning a skill or similarRate it:
practise makes a man perfectDo more practice and hard work to gain something that you want....Rate it:
praise to the skiesto laud excessivelyRate it:
prawn cocktail offensiveA strategy of the Labour Party in winning over important people in the world of finance.Rate it:
pray tellPlease explain (something the requester does not yet understand).Rate it:
pray tellExpressing incredulity, please explain (some claim or position the speaker doubts).Rate it:
pre-warDescribing the most recent or significant war in a culture's history.Rate it:
pre-warDescribing the period before a war.Rate it:
pre-warDescribing the period before the outbreak of World War II in 1939.Rate it:
preach to deaf earsTo attempt to persuade a party that does not wish to listen or cannot be altered in its conviction.Rate it:
preach to the choirSpeaking as if to convince a person or group of something which that person or group already believes.Rate it:
preaching to the choirStating a value or opinion that is already a strongly-held value or opinion of the listener or audience.Rate it:
preprogramTo predispose to certain thoughts or behaviours.Rate it:
preprogramTo program something in advance.Rate it:
present company exceptedThese negative remarks do not pertain to anyone who is currently listening to them (including the speaker).Rate it:
present company excludedAlternative form of present company exceptedRate it:
present daycurrentRate it:
presistKeep's GoingRate it:
press aheadTo continue towards an objectiveRate it:
press chargesTo formally accuse a person of a crime, especially by an ordinary person.Rate it:
press into serviceTo make someone perform a task or duty, especially one they are not prepared or willing to do; to make something serve a function, especially one it was not designed or intended for.Rate it:
press onto persist, continue to advanceRate it:
press outExtinguish by crushing; as a cigar.Rate it:
press outObtain from a substance, as by mechanical action.Rate it:
press outPress from a plastic, as of records.Rate it:
press studsnap fastenerRate it:
press the fleshTo shake hands and socialize, especially in a political gathering.Rate it:
press the panic buttonTo start to panicRate it:
press titsTo initiate a start up sequenceRate it:
press upan exerciseRate it:
pressed for timein a hurry, without spare time.Rate it:
pretty as a pictureVery pretty, very cuteRate it:
pretty passAn unsatisfactory situation.Rate it:
pretty pennyA considerable amount of money; a high price or a high income.Rate it:
pretty picturesImage supplements in a presentation: graphs, charts, etc.Rate it:
pretty please with a cherry on topSynonym of pretty please with sugar on topRate it:
pretty please with sugar on topExaggerated form of please or pretty please.Rate it:
pretty PollyA phrase often said to, and sometimes by, parrotsRate it:
pretty upto prettify, to make pretty or prettierRate it:
pretzelA toasted bread or cracker usually in the shape of a loose knot.Rate it:
pretzelAnything that is knotted, twisted, or tangled.Rate it:
prevail uponTo convince; to persuade.Rate it:
prevention is better than cureit is better to prevent the creation of a bad thing, than to destroy it.Rate it:
prey onTo eat.Rate it:
prey onTo exploit or victimize.Rate it:
prey onTo weigh heavily upon.Rate it:
PRICEInitialism of protect, rest, ice, compression, and elevation : a common treatment method for sprained joints.Rate it:
price inTo include in an estimation of the total value of something.Rate it:

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