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place in the sunUsed other than as an idiom: see place, in the sun.Rate it:
place in the sunA favorable position.Rate it:
place in the sunRecognition, fame.Rate it:
place of businessA place where business is conducted, such as an office or a single shop in a franchise.Rate it:
plain as a pikestaffExtremely clear and plain to see.Rate it:
plain as the nose on one's faceExtremely clear and plain to see.Rate it:
plain sailingeasy progressRate it:
plan onTo expect; to prepare future actions based on.Rate it:
plan outto plan, organize, make a plan for somethingRate it:
plant a seedTo do something that will produce results or change in the future.Rate it:
plant outTo put into the ground outside, from a greenhouse or a plant pot.Rate it:
plant the seedsTo start something in motion; to begin an idea; to catalyze an action.Rate it:
plant your feet firmly on the ground!Assume a firm stand, become resolute, reject intimidation.Rate it:
plantation niggerAn inferior black person compared to having the intellect of a fieldhand.Rate it:
plantation niggerA slave employed in manual labor, as opposed to a house nigger.Rate it:
play a partto be involved in such a way to affect the outcome, to be a contributing factorRate it:
play alongTo take part in a charade, deception, or practical joke.Rate it:
play aroundTo behave in a silly, or childish, or irresponsible way.Rate it:
play aroundTo work with in a non-serious manner.Rate it:
play aroundTo engage in sexual practices outside of marriage.Rate it:
play atTo pretend to be a different person while playing a game.Rate it:
play atTo do something in a manner that lacks seriousness, commitment, or professionalism.Rate it:
play awayTo be sexually unfaithful out of one's homeRate it:
play backTo replay a recording.Rate it:
play ballAn expression used at the beginning of a game of baseball.Rate it:
play ballTo start anything tumultuous.Rate it:
play ballTo work together; to cooperate.Rate it:
Play Both Ends Against the MiddleTo take advantage by causing two opposing groups stand against each other, dishonestly misusing two forces for the sake of attaining ones selfish purposeRate it:
play both sides against the middleTo manipulate opponents or competitors in a manner which benefits the manipulator.Rate it:
play by earTo play guided by one's memory of the sound, rather than from a written score.Rate it:
play by earTo do by guessing, intuition, or trial and error; to react to events as they occur.Rate it:
Play Cat and MouseTo make someone fool by playing tricks, to annoy or tease someoneRate it:
play downTo make or attempt to make something seem less important, likely, or obvious.Rate it:
play dumbTo pretend to be mute.Rate it:
play dumbTo pretend to be slow-witted or lacking in specific knowledge, usually in order to avoid responsibility or to gain some advantage.Rate it:
Play Fast and LooseTo be capricious and irresponsible, to do all that pleases one without caring to have offended othersRate it:
play fast and looseTo be recklessly inaccurate, inappropriate, or otherwise ignoring guidelines and conventions.Rate it:
play fast and looseTo ignore proper behavior or social conventions, especially when it suits ones purpose.Rate it:
play first fiddleTo play a leading role.Rate it:
play for loveTo play a game of cards without stakes.Rate it:
play for timeTo delay a situation until one is prepared.Rate it:
play gamesTo deceive, to lie about one's intentions.Rate it:
play gooseberryto serve as a chaperonRate it:
play hardballTo act rough and ruthless, especially in politics or business.Rate it:
play hardballTo use every means possible to achieve a goal, especially in disregarding the harm caused.Rate it:
play hob withmess with, cause trouble forRate it:
play hookeyTo be absent without permission, especially from school.Rate it:
play hookyTo miss school, work, or other duties without permission or an excuse.Rate it:
play inOf a batsman, to settle and become comfortable with the conditions at the beginning of his innings.Rate it:
play inTo pass the ball into an attacking position.Rate it:

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