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piece of cakeeasyRate it:
Piece Of CakeA thing that is easier and is pleasantRate it:
piece of cakeA job, task or other activity that is easy or simple to do.Rate it:
piece of cakeOne slice of cake.Rate it:
piece of charcoalAn overdone piece of meat.Rate it:
piece of crapAlternative form of piece of shit.Rate it:
piece of oneA chance to find out something interesting about someone.Rate it:
piece of oneA chance to fight with someone.Rate it:
piece of shitUsed other than as an idiom: A chunk of excrement.Rate it:
piece of shitA bad thing; an object of poor quality.Rate it:
piece of shitA despicable person.Rate it:
piece of tailAlternative form of piece of ass.Rate it:
piece of the actionA portion of the monetary gains or other benefits produced by some venture or activity; a share of participation in a venture or activity.Rate it:
piece of workA product or manufactured article, especially an item of art or craft.Rate it:
piece of workCan also be referred to as a derogatory term about someone who is described as acting rude, odd or strange.Rate it:
piece outTo increase or complete by adding one or more pieces.Rate it:
piece outTo lay out or present possible components of a whole.Rate it:
piece togetherTo physically assemble from fragments or pieces.Rate it:
piece togetherTo reconstruct an event or goal from incomplete or flawed elements.Rate it:
PIEFACEA nickname, quip, reference to children and youth; A mild insult to 'KIDS' "You're a PIEFACE", "SHUT-UP, KID!"Rate it:
pierce the veilTo see through an illusion or find a hidden meaning, to see the truth within a lie.Rate it:
Pierian springThe source of knowledge, inspiration, or learning.Rate it:
pif that troon!Troon: A irritating, aggravating, rude entity, who's sole purpose is to irritate & harass, unsuspecting, innocent people. A purposeful frustrating annoyer. "Pif"{3-step}: A special forces teckneik. A sheath knive issued to silently eliminate a enemy sentinel. 1:Approaching the enemy silently from the rear, stricking the back of the knees, as to buckle them, while cupping the mouth & cutting the throat & jugular vien simotancely. 2:Next immediately using the hand holding your knife, you in a upward thrust pierce the base of the skull fully sinking the length of blade & twist or jiggle. 3: Imeadiatly removing and reversing the blade to a downward position raming it down the spinelcoard & repeat the twist or jiggle. Done correctly it should take 3 seconds or less, with no scream, twitching or jerking of the enemy guard, or solder. Plop, drop, done, done, on to the next one! " Troon Pifing". The prefured "Pif" Knife is a Double edged Military Commando style sheath knife. "Pif that Troon!"Rate it:
piffy on a rock bunA person ignored or sidelined from an activity.Rate it:
pig fuckerAlternative form of pigfucker.Rate it:
pig fuckerUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
pig in a pokeSomething whose true value is concealed or unknown, especially something offered for sale.Rate it:
pig outTo eat voraciously or ravenously; to gorge oneself.Rate it:
pigs can flyAlternative form of pigs might fly.Rate it:
pigs might flyusually used as a response (often with hint of sarcasm) to a situation that you think there is no chance of ever occurringRate it:
pile onto gain (weight) quickly.Rate it:
pile on the poundsto gain weight quickly.Rate it:
pile upTo form a pile, stack, or heap.Rate it:
pile upTo collect or accumulate, as a backlog.Rate it:
pile-upA traffic accident or collision involving multiple vehicles.Rate it:
pileupa collection of Jumbled vehicles, piled atop each other as a result of any number of untoward, unsafe vehicle operation or environmental factors occurring on a roadway, street, freeway, railway:Rate it:
pill in the pocketA pill carried in a pocket of one's clothing such as pants or a coat.Rate it:
pill in the pocketA medication, usually prescribed by a physician, which the patient is to carry with him or her, and which is to be used only under certain conditions.Rate it:
pill millAn clandestine operation where a medical worker spuriously offers prescription medications to patients in exchange for bribes and not necessarily for any actual need.Rate it:
pill to swallowUsed other than as an idiom: see pill, swallow.Rate it:
pill to swallowSomething to be accepted or tolerated.Rate it:
pillow talkconversation shared by bedmatesRate it:
pimp outTo prostitute, take advantage of, exploit, use, to hire out or provide to others like a whore.Rate it:
pimp outTo make improvements to, to beautify.Rate it:
pimp upto get dressed upRate it:
pimp upto decorate; to prettifyRate it:
pin backTo keep at a distanceRate it:
pin downRequire, Insist Upon An Exact Statement As To The Details Or The Facts In The Matter At Hand: A Firm Affirmation Of Action To Be Taken:Rate it:
pin downTo attach or secure with pins.Rate it:
pin downTo corner somebody in order to get a firm answer.Rate it:

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