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pick up onTo notice, observe, learn, or understand, especially something otherwise overlooked.Rate it:
pick up onTo continue or build upon (for example, a task, analysis, or narrative), beginning from a point at which someone has previously stopped.Rate it:
pick up onTo adopt a practice in which others already engage.Rate it:
pick up speedaccelerateRate it:
pick up stitchesStitches to the knitting needle that were previously bound off, or that belong to the selvage, during the process of knitting or entrelac.Rate it:
pick up the piecesTo restore one's life (or a given situation etc.) to a normal state, after a calamity, shock etc.Rate it:
pick up the slackto do the work which someone else has stopped doing, but which still needs to be doneRate it:
pick up the tabTo accept a charge and pay for it, especially at a bar or restaurant.Rate it:
pick up what someone is putting downTo understand, pay attention to, or learn from what someone says or does.Rate it:
pick up where you left offto start up again in the very place that one has stopped.Rate it:
pick your battlesonly involve yourself in disputes where you are likely to win.Rate it:
pickin' and grinninVigorously playing folk or country music on a stringed musical instrument, especially the guitar or banjo, while smiling broadly.Rate it:
pickin' and grinnin'Vigorous playing of folk or country music on a stringed musical instrument, especially the guitar or banjo, while smiling broadly.Rate it:
pickleAny vegetable preserved in vinegar and consumed as relish.Rate it:
pickleA children’s game with three participants that emulates a baseball rundown.Rate it:
pickleA cucumber preserved in a solution, usually a brine or a vinegar syrup.Rate it:
pickleA difficult situation, peril.Rate it:
pickleA penis.Rate it:
pickleA rundown.Rate it:
pickleAn affectionate term for a loved one.Rate it:
pickleThe brine used for preserving food.Rate it:
pickupA word referring to the action of meeting and quickly associating with a strange female at a function, gathering, saloon, party or meeting.Rate it:
pickupA short or long bed automotive powered vehicle with enclosed two or three person cab. Utilized in light -weight or modest cargo, short haul, pick-up and delivery agendas.Rate it:
PICNICAcronym of problem in chair, not in computer; states that the problem was not in the computer but was instead caused by the user operating it.Rate it:
pics or it didn't happenUsed to request a picture of a reported event.Rate it:
pics or it didn't happenUsed to demand verifiable evidence for a statement.Rate it:
picture cardking, queen or jackRate it:
picture perfectAn expression conveying the thought that the result, the outcome of an agenda has been as successful as an ideal portrait, painting or photograph conveying a pleasing perfect image or impression.Rate it:
picture-perfectPerfect in appearance as with the subjects in paintings or photographs, without the common imperfections of real life.Rate it:
pie chartcircular graphRate it:
pie in the skyIt is an offer to give something good to someone, however there is nothing firm about it or it is unlikely to materialize.Rate it:
pie in the skyA belief that one's wildest dreams shall come true. A devotee, of pie in the sky is prone to believe the most impossible possibility. The taller the tale you can spin, the greater chance he'll buy into it!Rate it:
Pie in the SkyTo expect something impossible, to hope for something unrealisticRate it:
pie-in-the-skyLacking reality and serviceability.Rate it:
pie-in-the-skyOf a dream unlikely to ever come true; impractical, unrealizable.Rate it:
piece of assA male prostitute.Rate it:
piece of assA very attractive woman, when considered as a sex object.Rate it:
piece of assAn act of intercourse, especially a one night stand.Rate it:
piece of cakeeasyRate it:
Piece Of CakeA thing that is easier and is pleasantRate it:
piece of cakeA job, task or other activity that is easy or simple to do.Rate it:
piece of cakeOne slice of cake.Rate it:
piece of charcoalAn overdone piece of meat.Rate it:
piece of crapAlternative form of piece of shit.Rate it:
piece of oneA chance to find out something interesting about someone.Rate it:
piece of oneA chance to fight with someone.Rate it:
piece of shitUsed other than as an idiom: A chunk of excrement.Rate it:
piece of shitA bad thing; an object of poor quality.Rate it:
piece of shitA despicable person.Rate it:
piece of tailAlternative form of piece of ass.Rate it:

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