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pay the billsTo provide enough income to sustain one's lifestyle.Rate it:
pay the fiddlerTo contribute in order to participate.Rate it:
pay the fiddlerTo face the consequences of one’s actions..Rate it:
pay the freightTo bear the cost.Rate it:
pay the freightTo pay for the cost of transport.Rate it:
pay the piperTo pay a monetary debt or experience unfavorable consequences, especially when the payment or consequences are inevitable in spite of attempts to avoid them.Rate it:
pay the rentTo provide enough income to afford a place to liveRate it:
Pay Through the NoseTo pay high price for somethingRate it:
pay through the noseTo pay a high price, especially an exorbitant or excessive amount, either in money or in some other manner.Rate it:
pay towardsTo subsidize; to contribute to paying part of the cost of; to contribute to.Rate it:
pay upTo pay for something in total, after a certain amount of time after receiving a purchase.Rate it:
payback's a bitchUsually a complete sentence as an interjection: I am amused that someone got their revenge on you...but you certainly had it coming.Rate it:
payback's a bitchUsually a complete sentence: I will get revenge when you least expect it.Rate it:
PBCInitialism of passed by censor.Rate it:
pea patchA baseball field.Rate it:
pea patchA realm of endeavor.Rate it:
pea patchA small farm.Rate it:
pea patchA small piece of land planted with peas.Rate it:
peace and quietTranquility; freedom from stress or interruptions.Rate it:
peace outGoodbye.Rate it:
peace outgo in peace.Rate it:
peaches and creamA very enjoyable experience.Rate it:
peaches-and-creamOf facial complexion, smooth, with attractive yellow-pink coloring.Rate it:
peachy keenExtremely good, exactly right; all right. Often used in the negative or with an ironic or sarcastic connotation to mean the opposite.Rate it:
peacock bluecolourRate it:
peal outTo ring loudly.Rate it:
peal outTo cause to ring loudly.Rate it:
peanut galleryAny source of heckling, unwelcome commentary or criticism, especially from a know-it-all or of an inexpert nature.Rate it:
pearl necklaceA necklace made of pearls.Rate it:
pearl necklaceA sexual act whereby semen is ejaculated onto a partner's neck.Rate it:
pearl of wisdomA succinct, insightful saying, piece of advice, or moral precept.Rate it:
pearl-clutcherA prim, prudish, or easily offended person.Rate it:
pearl-clutchingTimid, sanctimonious, or easily offended.Rate it:
pearl-clutchingPrim, prudish, or easily offended.Rate it:
pearly whitesTeeth.Rate it:
peashooterA toy gun, consisting of a tube through which peas or small objects are blown.Rate it:
peashooterAny small or ineffective gun.Rate it:
PEBCACProblem Exists Between Chair And Computer. Used by technical support helpdesk staff to indicate that the problem with a user’s computer or experience is due to user error.Rate it:
PEBKAMSynonym of PEBCAKRate it:
peck atTo attack with petty and repeated blows; to carp at; to nag; to tease.Rate it:
peck atTo eat daintily; to eat unenthusiastically and in small bites.Rate it:
peck outTo remove by peckingRate it:
pedal pusherscalf-length trousersRate it:
PEDMASA common mnemonic that is used to help people remember the order of operations, in the PEMDAS order.Rate it:
pee in someone's cornflakesAlternative form of piss in someone's cornflakesRate it:
pee offEuphemistic variant of piss off.Rate it:
pee one's pantsto wet oneself, to urinate in one's clothes when they're being worn.Rate it:
peed offSimple past tense and past participle of pee off.Rate it:
peel a grapeScore One!, Do Something Special, Contrive A Winner, Stand An Egg On End.Rate it:
peel awayTo separate off from the main body, to move off to one side; as in troop movements on a parade ground or an organized retreat, or columns in a procession.Rate it:

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