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pi%c3%a8ce de r%c3%a9sistanceA masterpiece; the most memorable accomplishment of one’s career or lifetime..Rate it:
pick apartUsed other than as an idiom: see pick, apart.Rate it:
pick apartTo review or analyse in great detail(idiomatic, transitive) To criticise (especially small details).Rate it:
pick apartTo criticise (especially small details).Rate it:
pick apartTo overcome by skilled execution.Rate it:
pick atTo touch, grab, handle, or pull tentatively or gingerly, using a utensil or one's fingers.Rate it:
pick atTo pick on or repeatedly criticize.Rate it:
pick away atTo continually or inexorably harm someone; to continue to do harm; to needle over time; to weaken someone over time.Rate it:
pick cornersTo choose a preference (as in predicting which boxer will win a match).Rate it:
pick gooseberrySynonym of play gooseberryRate it:
pick holesTo find weaknesses, errors or imperfections (in)Rate it:
pick of the litterThe best person or item in a group.Rate it:
pick offTo remove by picking.Rate it:
pick offTo shoot one by one.Rate it:
pick offTo dispose of tasks, obstacles, opponents etc. one by one.Rate it:
pick offTo throw out a runner by tagging them whilst they are not in contact with any of the three bases or home plate.Rate it:
pick offTo intercept, such as a ball in flight.Rate it:
pick onTo bully or make fun of a victim; to bother or harass.Rate it:
pick one's noseThe act of picking one's nose, insertion of a finger or other object into one's nostril.Rate it:
pick outto remove by pickingRate it:
pick outto selectRate it:
pick outto distinguishRate it:
pick outTo ornament or relieve with lines etc. of a different, usually lighter, colour.Rate it:
pick outto detect using one's senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste)Rate it:
pick outto send a long pass or cross to.Rate it:
pick out of a hatTo determine by chance.Rate it:
pick out of a hatTo substitute a guess for unavailable data.Rate it:
pick overTo choose all of the desirable items from; to look for the most desirable items among.Rate it:
pick somebody's brainTo seek information from someone knowledgeable; to ask questions of someone.Rate it:
pick someone's brainTo seek information from someone knowledgeable; to ask questions of someone.Rate it:
pick throughTo look through a group or list in order to select what one desires.Rate it:
pick upTo lift; to grasp and raise.Rate it:
pick upTo collect an object, especially in passing.Rate it:
pick upTo clean up; to return to an organized state.Rate it:
pick upTo collect a passenger.Rate it:
pick upTo improve, increase, or speed up.Rate it:
pick upTo restart or resume.Rate it:
pick upTo learn, to grasp; to begin to understand.Rate it:
pick upTo receive.Rate it:
pick upTo notice, detect or discern, often used with "on".Rate it:
pick upTo point out (a person's behaviour, habits or actions),in a critical manner.Rate it:
pick upTo meet and seduce somebody for romantic purposes, especially in a social situation, sometimes used with "on".Rate it:
pick upTo answer a telephone. See pick up the phone.Rate it:
pick upTo pay for.Rate it:
pick upbecome better; improve.Rate it:
pick up onTo notice, observe, learn, or understand, especially something otherwise overlooked.Rate it:
pick up onTo continue or build upon (for example, a task, analysis, or narrative), beginning from a point at which someone has previously stopped.Rate it:
pick up onTo adopt a practice in which others already engage.Rate it:
pick up speedaccelerateRate it:
pick up stitchesStitches to the knitting needle that were previously bound off, or that belong to the selvage, during the process of knitting or entrelac.Rate it:

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