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c'est la vieThat's life; such is life.Rate it:
cabin cruisermotorboat with living accommodationRate it:
cabin feverBoredomRate it:
cack upTo vomit or hack up.Rate it:
cack upTo become plugged up.Rate it:
cack upTo mess up; to get seriously wrong.Rate it:
cake crumbsCrumbs from a cake.Rate it:
cake crumbsHardly anything.Rate it:
cake walkA type of dance originating in the United States in the 19th century.Rate it:
cake walkSomething extremely easy.Rate it:
cake walkFrom the mid 1900s, a game at a fair or party in which people walk around a numbered circle along to music. When the music is stopped, the caller draws a number from a jar and whoever is standing on or closest to that number that number wins a cake.Rate it:
cakes and aleThe simple material pleasures of life.Rate it:
cakewalkThe style of music associated with such a contest.Rate it:
cakewalkThe dance, or style of dance associated with such a contest.Rate it:
cakewalkSomething that is easy or simple, or that does not present a great challenge.Rate it:
cakewalkA contest in which cake was offered for the best dancers.Rate it:
call 'em as one sees 'emTo candidly and honestly express an opinion or viewpoint.Rate it:
call (someone) out (on something)to challenge or expose someone that has done or is doing the wrong thing or to say something they said or did isn't right or trueRate it:
call a spade a spadeTo speak the truth; to say things as they really are.Rate it:
call an ambulanceUse a telephone to ensure arrival of an ambulanceRate it:
call an audibleTo change plans at the last minute because of information that is recently revealed.Rate it:
call awayTo summon; to cause to depart.Rate it:
call backRequest for a second interview or audition, following a successful initial interview.Rate it:
call downTo pray for; to request from God.Rate it:
call forTo shout out in order to summon.Rate it:
call forTo ask for in a loud voice.Rate it:
call forTo request, demand.Rate it:
call forTo necessitate, demand.Rate it:
call forTo stop at a place and ask for.Rate it:
call forthTo induce, inspire.Rate it:
call inTo communicate with a base etc, by telephone.Rate it:
call inTo summon someone, especially for help or advice.Rate it:
call inTo withdraw something from sale or circulation.Rate it:
Call it a DayTo end up the work for a day, to stop work for the time beingRate it:
call it a dayTo cease the activity for the day.Rate it:
call it a dayTo retire.Rate it:
call it a nightTo cease what one has been doing for the night.Rate it:
call it a nightTo go to bed to sleep.Rate it:
call it evenTo declare debts resolved or favors or other exchange equitable.Rate it:
call it quitsTo conclude; to quit or stop an activity.Rate it:
call offTo recall; to cancel or call a halt to.Rate it:
call off the carpetTo get away fromRate it:
call off the dogsDuring a one-sided sports contest, to remove the first-string unit of a team from the game after dominating the opponent.Rate it:
call off the dogsTo ease up on after inflicting great punishment.Rate it:
call onTo request or ask of somebody; to select for a task.Rate it:
call onTo correct; to point out an error or untruth.Rate it:
call onTo visit somebody; to pay a call.Rate it:
call onIn a classroom, to select a student.Rate it:
call outTo challenge.Rate it:
call outTo arrange for a professional to call at your home for some purpose.Rate it:

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