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ugly AmericanAn American government representative, tourist, or businessperson who, in dealing with people of other nations, is haughty, rude, meddlesome, or jingoistic.Rate it:
ugly ducklingA young person who is ugly, but who is expected to become beautiful as they mature.Rate it:
uh hmmm!Unspoken 'juvenile', 'disrespectful' nasal/throat exhalation often used and 'socially accepted' as expressing approval.Rate it:
uhmmHas two meanings: 1.A means of clearing one's throat. 2 . a stall to collect a thought.Rate it:
ultra viresbeyond the legal power or authority of a person or bodyRate it:
unavailable energyUsed other than as an idiom: see unavailable, energy.Rate it:
unavailable energyEnergy that is converted by an irreversible process into a form that is unavailable to do workRate it:
Uncle JoeJoseph Stalin.Rate it:
Uncle JoeUsed other than as an idiom: An uncle who is named or nicknamed Joe..Rate it:
uncle samthe us governmentRate it:
under a cloudUnder suspicion; subject to critical inspection.Rate it:
under a spellBewitched, held by the power of a magical spell.Rate it:
under arrestin custodyRate it:
under controlBeing taken care of or being addressed.Rate it:
under erasureOf a bit of text, written and strickenthrough; hence, figuratively in some sense both present and absent.Rate it:
under erasureOf a bit of text, written and strickenthrough; hence, figuratively in some sense both present and absent.Rate it:
under fireCriticized or held responsible for something.Rate it:
under fireSubjected to enemy attack.Rate it:
under glassIn a greenhouse, a cold frame, or a similar structure; said of the propagation and growth of plants.Rate it:
under glassIn a glass case, like an item in a museum.Rate it:
under glassIn jail.Rate it:
under lock and keyImprisoned with little or no chance of escape.Rate it:
under no circumstancesnever ever, not for any reasonRate it:
under one's beltAlready done; within one's experience; practiced.Rate it:
under one's breathSoftly, so as not to be heard.Rate it:
under one's hatConcealed; confidential; secret.Rate it:
under one's noseObvious or apparent.Rate it:
under one's noseDirectly in front of one; clearly visible.Rate it:
under one's own steamBy means of the power of its own engines.Rate it:
under one's own steamUsing one's own resources; unaided; at one's own initiative.Rate it:
under one's thumbCompletely controlled by someone; at someone’s command..Rate it:
under one's very eyesin plain sight; while someone is watchingRate it:
under one's wingUnder one's protection, sponsorship, or tutelage.Rate it:
under pressureBeing subjected to physical pressure.Rate it:
under pressureSubjected to pressure.Rate it:
under sailWith sails unfurled; powered by the wind.Rate it:
under someone's nosedirectly in front of one; clearly visibleRate it:
under someone's noseobvious or apparentRate it:
under the carpetUsed other than as an idiom: see under, carpet.Rate it:
under the carpetSuch as to be hidden from plain view (and thus easily ignored or overlooked).Rate it:
under the coshsubjected to (figurative) pressureRate it:
under the coversIn bed, under the bed covers.Rate it:
under the coversIn secret.Rate it:
under the gunThe first player to act on the first round of betting in Texas hold 'em.Rate it:
under the gunUnder great pressure to perform.Rate it:
under the impressionThinking or making assumptions, often incorrectly.Rate it:
under the influenceDrunk; intoxicated; affected by alcohol.Rate it:
under the knifeUndergoing a surgical procedure.Rate it:
under the microscopeUnder close scrutiny or examination.Rate it:
under the pumpUsed other than as an idiom: see under, pump.Rate it:

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