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ugly AmericanAn American government representative, tourist, or businessperson who, in dealing with people of other nations, is haughty, rude, meddlesome, or jingoistic.Rate it:
ugly ducklingA young person who is ugly, but who is expected to become beautiful as they mature.Rate it:
uh hmmm!Unspoken 'juvenile', 'disrespectful' nasal/throat exhalation often used and 'socially accepted' as expressing approval.Rate it:
uhmmHas two meanings: 1.A means of clearing one's throat. 2 . a stall to collect a thought.Rate it:
ultra viresbeyond the legal power or authority of a person or bodyRate it:
unavailable energyUsed other than as an idiom: see unavailable, energy.Rate it:
unavailable energyEnergy that is converted by an irreversible process into a form that is unavailable to do workRate it:
Uncle JoeJoseph Stalin.Rate it:
Uncle JoeUsed other than as an idiom: An uncle who is named or nicknamed Joe..Rate it:
uncle samthe us governmentRate it:
under a cloudUnder suspicion; subject to critical inspection.Rate it:
under a spellBewitched, held by the power of a magical spell.Rate it:
under arrestin custodyRate it:
under controlBeing taken care of or being addressed.Rate it:
under erasureOf a bit of text, written and strickenthrough; hence, figuratively in some sense both present and absent.Rate it:
under erasureOf a bit of text, written and strickenthrough; hence, figuratively in some sense both present and absent.Rate it:
under fireCriticized or held responsible for something.Rate it:
under fireSubjected to enemy attack.Rate it:
under glassIn a greenhouse, a cold frame, or a similar structure; said of the propagation and growth of plants.Rate it:
under glassIn a glass case, like an item in a museum.Rate it:
under glassIn jail.Rate it:
under lock and keyImprisoned with little or no chance of escape.Rate it:
under no circumstancesnever ever, not for any reasonRate it:
under one's beltAlready done; within one's experience; practiced.Rate it:
under one's breathSoftly, so as not to be heard.Rate it:
under one's hatConcealed; confidential; secret.Rate it:
under one's noseObvious or apparent.Rate it:
under one's noseDirectly in front of one; clearly visible.Rate it:
under one's own steamBy means of the power of its own engines.Rate it:
under one's own steamUsing one's own resources; unaided; at one's own initiative.Rate it:
under one's thumbCompletely controlled by someone; at someone’s command..Rate it:
under one's very eyesin plain sight; while someone is watchingRate it:
under one's wingUnder one's protection, sponsorship, or tutelage.Rate it:
under pressureBeing subjected to physical pressure.Rate it:
under pressureSubjected to pressure.Rate it:
under sailWith sails unfurled; powered by the wind.Rate it:
under someone's nosedirectly in front of one; clearly visibleRate it:
under someone's noseobvious or apparentRate it:
under the carpetUsed other than as an idiom: see under, carpet.Rate it:
under the carpetSuch as to be hidden from plain view (and thus easily ignored or overlooked).Rate it:
under the coshsubjected to (figurative) pressureRate it:
under the coversIn bed, under the bed covers.Rate it:
under the coversIn secret.Rate it:
under the gunThe first player to act on the first round of betting in Texas hold 'em.Rate it:
under the gunUnder great pressure to perform.Rate it:
under the impressionThinking or making assumptions, often incorrectly.Rate it:
under the influenceDrunk; intoxicated; affected by alcohol. The phrase "under the influence" typically refers to the state of being affected by some substance or external factor that alters one's behavior, judgment, or perception. It is commonly associated with the consumption of drugs or alcohol, but it can also refer to the impact of other factors such as emotions, peer pressure, or environmental influences. Being "under the influence" implies a diminished capacity to make rational decisions or to act responsibly, and it may also carry legal consequences if the substance in question is illegal or if the person's impaired state leads to unsafe or illegal behavior. Overall, the phrase "under the influence" is often used to describe a state of temporary impairment or altered mental state that can be caused by various factors, and it is typically associated with a loss of control or impaired judgment.Rate it:
under the knifeUndergoing a surgical procedure.Rate it:
under the microscopeUnder close scrutiny or examination.Rate it:
under the pumpUsed other than as an idiom: see under, pump.Rate it:

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