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up to scratchSufficient; adequate; of acceptable or satisfactory quality.Rate it:
up to snuffAdequate; of acceptable or quality; satisfying an appropriate standard.Rate it:
up to snuffMentally alert, shrewd, savvy.Rate it:
up to somethingDoing something mischievous or scheming.Rate it:
up to speedFully informed; current.Rate it:
up to the tasksomeone who capable to doing a jobRate it:
up with the chickensAwake and out of bed early in the morning.Rate it:
up with the larkAwake and out of bed early in the morning.Rate it:
up with the larksTo wake up early, to be an early bird.Rate it:
up your nose with a rubber hoseA derisive insult.Rate it:
up yoursA variant or synonym of shove it up your ass, an exclamation of extreme anger, disgust, dismissal; often accompanied by an obscene gesture.Rate it:
up-and-comersomeone who is up-and-coming, who has begun to be successful in some field and is likely to become even more successful in the futureRate it:
up-and-comerSomeone who is up-and-coming, who has begun to be successful in some field and is likely to become even more successful in the future.Rate it:
up-and-comingemerging; aspiring; beginning to attract attention or critical acclaimRate it:
up-and-comingEmerging; aspiring; improving; beginning to attract attention or critical acclaim.Rate it:
up-to-dateInformed about the latest news or developments; abreast.Rate it:
up-to-dateCurrent; recent; the latest.Rate it:
up-to-dateInformed about the latest news or developments.Rate it:
uphill battledifficult struggleRate it:
uphill battleA challenge with the odds of success stacked strongly against.Rate it:
Upper CrustUpper class, high level of society, highest social positionRate it:
upper crustThe social elite.Rate it:
upper crustThe topmost layer of a bread, pastry dish, or other item with a hardened coating.Rate it:
upper handAdvantage or control.Rate it:
upper-crustPosh, upper-class; pertaining to the upper crust.Rate it:
ups and downsPeriods of positive and negative events, moods, or interactions; highs and lows.Rate it:
Upset the ApplecartSpoil careful plans, to mess with someone plans, to cause trouble, to interfere with a planRate it:
upset the applecartTo spoil carefully laid plans or arrangements; to spoil something.Rate it:
upward ofmore thanRate it:
urban fabricThe physical aspect of urbanism, emphasizing building types, thoroughfares, open space, frontages, and streetscapes; while excluding without prejudice to this useful term, environmental, functional, economic and sociocultural aspects.Rate it:
urge onto encourage; motivate; to offer encouragement to.Rate it:
use a sledgehammer to crack a nutTo use significantly excessive force to carry out an action; to do something overzealouslyRate it:
use it or lose itSkills or knowledge that are seldom applied are likely to be lost with time.Rate it:
use it or lose itProperty and privileges will be lost if they are not utilized.Rate it:
use it or lose itHuman abilities require repetitive usage or practice lest one become, rusty. out of tune, uncoordinated:Rate it:
use one's coconutUse one's head; think.Rate it:
use one's headTo think carefully, especially as an alternative to being guided by one's emotions.Rate it:
use one's headTo headbutt.Rate it:
use one's nogginTo think, especially in a careful or clever manner.Rate it:
use upto consume, deplete or exhaustRate it:
use upto take or occupyRate it:
used tomade familiar withRate it:
used toAccustomed to; in the habit of.Rate it:
usher inTo announce the arrival of something; to herald.Rate it:
usher inTo begin something with preparatory material; to introduce.Rate it:
UTSLInitialism of use the source, Luke.Rate it:
uwmaInitialism of until we meet again.Rate it:

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