Found 197 phrases starting with U:

ugly Americanugly ducklinguh hmmm!
uhmmultra viresunavailable energy
unavailable energyUncle JoeUncle Joe
uncle samunder a cloudunder a spell
under arrestunder controlunder erasure
under erasureunder fireunder fire
under glassunder glassunder glass
under lock and keyunder no circumstan…under one's belt
under one's breathunder one's hatunder one's nose
under one's noseunder one's own ste…under one's own ste…
under one's thumbunder one's very ey…under one's wing
under pressureunder pressureunder sail
under someone's noseunder someone's noseunder the carpet
under the carpetunder the coshunder the covers
under the coversunder the gununder the gun
under the impressionunder the influenceunder the knife
under the microscopeunder the pumpunder the pump
under the radarunder the roseunder the rug
under the sayaunder the sunUnder the Table
under the tableUnder the Weatherunder the weather
under the weatherunder the weatherunder the wire
under the wireunder the yokeunder water
under wayunder wayunder wraps
underpromise and ov…underwater basket w…underwater basket w…
uniquelyuniversity of lifeunknown quantity
uno ab altouno ab altoUNODIR
unreciprocatedunring a bellunring a bell
unring a bellunspoken worduntar
until hell freezes …until one is blue i…until the cows come…
until the last dog …until we meet againunto the ages of ag…
unwashed massesup a creekUp a Creek without …
up a creek without …up a stormup a tree
up againstup againstup against it
Up Against the Wallup and at 'emup and down
up and downup and downup and running
up forup forup for grabs
up frontup hill and down da…up in arms
up in the airUp in the Air!up on
up on one's earup one's alleyup one's own ass
up one's sleeveup poo creekup shit creek
up shit creek witho…up shit's creekup shit's creek wit…
up someone's alleyup someone's streetup the ante
up the anteup the creekup the creek withou…
up the riverup the riverup the wall
up the wallsup the wazooup the ying yang
up thereup thereup to
up toup toup to
up toup toup to eleven
up to hereup to no goodup to one's ears
up to one's eyeballsup to one's neck in…up to par
up to scratchup to snuffup to snuff
up to somethingup to speedup to the task
up with the chickensup with the larkup with the larks
up your nose with a…up yoursup-and-comer
uphill battleuphill battleUpper Crust
upper crustupper crustupper hand
upper-crustups and downsUpset the Applecart
upset the applecartupward ofurban fabric
urge onuse a sledgehammer …use it or lose it
use it or lose ituse it or lose ituse one's coconut
use one's headuse one's headuse one's noggin
use upuse upused to
used tousher inusher in

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