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kangaroo courtA judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding, or a group which conducts such proceedings, which is without proper authority, abusive, or otherwise unjust.Rate it:
kangaroo pissUsed other than as an idiom: see kangaroo, piss.Rate it:
kangaroo pissBeer, especially of inferior quality.Rate it:
Kansai dialectgroup of Japanese dialects in the Kansai region of JapanRate it:
karma cultureA form of internalized social anxiety that sharing content will result in embarrassment, whether because the content does not receive enough appreciation, or fear they will not have enough clout to influence.Rate it:
KATInitialism of kill all taigs.Rate it:
keel overOf a vessel: to roll so far on its side that it cannot recover; to capsize.Rate it:
keel overTo collapse in a faint; to black out; to die.Rate it:
keen as mustardTo be very keen, enthusiastic, eager.Rate it:
keep a civil tongue in one's headTo maintain a polite manner of speaking.Rate it:
keep a close watchto pay careful attention to a situation or a thing, so that you can deal with any changes or problems.Rate it:
keep a close watch onTo pay careful attention to a situation or a thing, so that you can deal with any changes or problems.Rate it:
keep a cool headto keep one's cool; to stay calmRate it:
keep a lid onTo keep something secret.Rate it:
keep a low profileBe quiet and discreet.Rate it:
Keep a Stiff Upper LipTo be strong and resilient in difficulty or in troubleRate it:
Keep a Straight FaceTo hold oneself off laughing, to abstain from laughingRate it:
keep a watchful eye!Expect someone or something or anything:Rate it:
keep a weather eye openTo be alert; to concentrate on a matter in hand.Rate it:
keep a weather eye openTo maintain a background awareness of something; to remain alert to changes without it occupying your full attention.Rate it:
keep acrossTo keep abreast of or up to date with; to keep people informed of.Rate it:
keep an eye onTo watch and pay attention to.Rate it:
keep an eye openTo maintain vigilance for a possibly dangerous situation.Rate it:
keep an eye openTo maintain vigilance for someone or something.Rate it:
keep an eye outTo watch for, look for, or search for.Rate it:
keep an eye peeledTo look out attentively.Rate it:
keep aroundto keep something near one.Rate it:
keep atTo persist in.Rate it:
keep atpreserve withRate it:
keep at arm's lengthStay at a distance, away from one's body.Rate it:
keep at arm's lengthAvoid a close relationship.Rate it:
keep awayTo refrain from coming.Rate it:
keep awayTo prevent from coming.Rate it:
keep away fromTo avoid.Rate it:
keep away fromTo evade.Rate it:
keep away fromTo deny access to.Rate it:
keep backTo prevent from advancing in a course.Rate it:
keep backTo restrict or restrain.Rate it:
keep backTo hold back; to refuse to give or share.Rate it:
Keep Body and Soul TogetherTo have just reason to be alive, just surviving but not living in real senseRate it:
keep buggin onNever quit; go onRate it:
keep companyTo court.Rate it:
keep companyTo socialise.Rate it:
keep confusion at bayTo keep confusion at bay means to avoid or prevent confusion.Rate it:
keep downTo repress.Rate it:
keep downTo restrain or control.Rate it:
keep downTo cause not to increase or rise.Rate it:
keep downNot to vomit.Rate it:
keep downTo lie low. To stay concealed by not standing up.Rate it:
keep fromTo prevent or restrain ; refrain or cause refrain.Rate it:

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