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keep out ofTo restrain someone or something from entering a place or condition.Rate it:
keep paceTo run at the same speed as a pacesetterRate it:
keep paceTo progress at the same rate as another; to keep upRate it:
keep quietRemain silent.Rate it:
keep quietTo refrain from talking about something; to keep a secret.Rate it:
keep shtumDon't tell anyone; especially, keep silent about something that may be sensitive or secret.Rate it:
keep somebody in stitchesTo keep somebody laughing hard or amused.Rate it:
keep somebody postedTo inform or to keep somebody up to date.Rate it:
keep someone companyTo remain with or accompany someone, especially to make them feel more comfortable with a certain situation.Rate it:
keep someone in the darkTo deliberately not tell someone details about somethingRate it:
keep someone in the loopTo furnish someone with sufficient relevant information and include them in the decision-making process.Rate it:
keep someone on a leashSetting unreasonable time constraints, requiring excessive reporting of actions, projecting an expanded and ridiculously contrived schedule of tasks.Rate it:
keep someone on iceto keep someone uninformed or uncontactedRate it:
keep someone postedTo inform (someone) regularly of the latest developments.Rate it:
Keep Something under Your HatTo hold off disclosing something, not to reveal something secretRate it:
keep straightTo avoid confusing or mixing up something; to keep something clear or organized.Rate it:
keep tabs onTo monitor; to keep track of; to watch.Rate it:
keep telling yourself thatSaid to someone who has ill-conceived, false beliefs.Rate it:
keep the ball rollingTo continue an action indicated in the context; to sustain a process.Rate it:
keep the changeAn instruction to a taxi driver, waiter etc. to keep the change from the amount handed over as a tipRate it:
keep the home fires burningTo maintain daily routine and provide the necessities of life in a home or community.Rate it:
keep the peaceTo maintain order in a volatile situation.Rate it:
keep the pot boilingTo keep going on actively, as in certain games.Rate it:
Keep the Wolf from the DoorTo avoid circumstances leading to poverty and starvationRate it:
keep the wolf from the doorTo delay sexual ejaculation.Rate it:
keep the wolf from the doorTo ward off poverty or hunger.Rate it:
keep timeTo control the beat or rhythm of a song played by a music groupRate it:
keep toTo adhere strictly to; not to neglect or deviate from.Rate it:
keep to oneselfTo purposely avoid interaction with others.Rate it:
keep to oneselfTo refrain from telling or otherwise expressing.Rate it:
keep togetherTo strive to maintain a group; to prevent a group from separating; to remain together.Rate it:
keep underTo hold in subjection; hence, to oppress.Rate it:
keep upTo maintain; to preserve; to prevent from deteriorating.Rate it:
keep upTo stay even or ahead.Rate it:
keep upTo ensure that one remains well-informed about something.Rate it:
keep up appearancesTo pretend to be all right or that everything is going well.Rate it:
keep up withTo manage to remain beside or just behind that is moving away from one.Rate it:
keep up withTo manage to follow .Rate it:
Keep Up With the JonesesTo live up to like ones neighbors, to maintain a living standard as one’s influential neighbors haveRate it:
keep up with the jonesesTo do or buy things for status, show, or image rather than out of need, especially for the purpose of competing with friends or neighbors.Rate it:
keep watchTo guard; to watch over someone or something.Rate it:
keep your britches on!"Be Patient", "Keep Your Pants ON!", "Don't Get All Excited!"Rate it:
Keep Your Ear to the GroundBe focused and well aware of what is happening aroundRate it:
keep your eye on the ballRemain Focused, Determined, AlertRate it:
keep your feet on the groundmaintain a sense of composure, refuse to get all up in the air over any reversal.Rate it:
Keep Your Fingers CrossedTo wish someone or something a good luck and successRate it:
keep your friends close, and your enemies closerOne should be on their toes and alert of their surroundings if malicious people are around, to ensure such people can't wreak havoc in one's life.Rate it:
keep your hair onAn admonition to stay calm.Rate it:
keep your hands on the wheelA. Continue leading. B. Maintain focus with tenacity.Rate it:
Keep Your Head above WaterTo have just enough to avoid any financial collapse, hardly keeping up with one’s responsibilityRate it:

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