Found 78 phrases starting with Q:


Q quotientThe attractiveness, and in turn the marketability of a celebrity.Rate it:
QT (also QT and qt)Mysteriously; silently; no one knows.Rate it:
quack like a duckTo appear to be exactly what one is.Rate it:
quake in one's bootsTo be frightened, scared, or nervous.Rate it:
Quaker gunA nonfunctional imitation of a gun or of a piece of artillery, typically made of wood and usually intended to deceive enemy forces into overestimating one's available firepower.Rate it:
quality over quantityHaving the best or perceived best of something rather than a lot of cheap or less valuable versions.Rate it:
quantity theory of moneyEconomic theory claiming that an increase in the amount of money in circulation causes a proportionate increase in prices. The theory dates from the 17th century and was elaborated by the US economist Irving Fisher (1867-1947).Rate it:
quantum mechanicsSomething overly complicated or detailed.Rate it:
quantum mechanicsThe branch of physics which studies matter and energy at the level of atoms and other elementary particles, and substitutes probabilistic mechanisms for classical Newtonian ones.Rate it:
quarrel outTo dispute by arguing; to hash out or battle out an issue.Rate it:
quarrel withTo dispute.Rate it:
quarter ofFifteen minutes before the next hour.Rate it:
quarter ofquarter ofRate it:
quarter pastFifteen minutes past any hour.Rate it:
quarter-pounderA burger weighing approximately a quarter of a pound.Rate it:
quarter-pounderUsed other than as an idiom: see quarter, pounder: Anything weighing a quarter of a pound.Rate it:
queen beeA reproductive female (especially the only one) in a colony of bees.Rate it:
queen beeThe most important or dominant woman in an organisation or situation.Rate it:
queen elizabeth iiOnly two affectionate eyes of one woman, were able to make the entire planet go to tears - – Queen Elizabeth IIRate it:
queen of beastsThe lioness.Rate it:
queen upTo get in drag; to get ready to perform as a drag queen.Rate it:
queen upTo dress like, or become appropriate for, a queen.Rate it:
queer as a clockwork orangeStrange, odd, unusual.Rate it:
queer as a clockwork orangeUnusually camp, unusually homosexual.Rate it:
queer bashingprejudice or violence against homosexuals.Rate it:
queer fishAn odd or eccentric person.Rate it:
queer one's pitchTo make a task more difficult for the speaker.Rate it:
queer someone's pitchTo make a task more difficult for the speaker.Rate it:
Queer StreetA stunned condition.Rate it:
Queer StreetHard times; a difficult circumstance, especially financially.Rate it:
queer upto ruin, mess up.Rate it:
quelle surpriseWhat a surprise.Rate it:
quelle surpriseWhat a surprise. "Quelle surprise.".Rate it:
quench-coalAlternative form of quenchcoalRate it:
quenchcoalA person or thing that undermines religious zeal; hence a heartless, uncaring person with respect to religion.Rate it:
question markDoubt or uncertainty.Rate it:
question markThe punctuation mark “?”, used at the end of a sentence to indicate a question..Rate it:
queue upMisspelling of cue up.Rate it:
queue upTo queue.Rate it:
queue upTo enqueue, to add something to a queue.Rate it:
quiche-eaterIn computer programming circles, a person far removed from practice and concerned only with academic matters, unwilling to "get their hands dirty".Rate it:
quiche-eaterA man who is effeminate or who lacks some putative masculine virtueRate it:
quick as a flashExtremely quickRate it:
quick as a flashExtremely quicklyRate it:
quick as lightningis very quickRate it:
quick bucka large sum of money earned easily and quicklyRate it:
quick draw mcgrawa person who is fast with a gun to draw the triggerRate it:
quick off the markfast to act or react.Rate it:
Quick on the DrawReady to respond on something in an efficient manner, faster or quicker in something, efficient to acquire some infoRate it:
quick on the drawCharacterized by rapid response, as to a verbal remark or to a new situation; quick to act.Rate it:

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