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kick against the pricksTo kick back (of an animal etc.) against being goadedRate it:
kick against the pricksto struggle against one's fate. [from 14th c.]Rate it:
kick aroundTo abuse or mistreat; to bully.Rate it:
kick aroundTo wander loose; to float around; to hang around.Rate it:
kick assTo be very impressive.Rate it:
kick assTo beat someone at something.Rate it:
kick assTo beat someone in a fight.Rate it:
kick ass and take namesTo beat someone in a competition, fight, or other situation.Rate it:
kick at the canAn attempt or an opportunity.Rate it:
kick at the canTo make an attempt; to try.Rate it:
kick backTo relax.Rate it:
kick bollocks scrambleA free for all or panic situationRate it:
kick buttTo be impressive; to be decisively good or pleasant.Rate it:
kick buttThe words describe an action. The words can also describe a command for immediate physical action. Frequently used by military officers, sports team coaches and other leaders. Variations include street talk.Rate it:
kick downTo break or demolish something by physical bodily force.Rate it:
kick inTo kick or strike so as to cause the object struck to collapse or fall inwards.Rate it:
kick inTo start or connect suddenly.Rate it:
kick inTo contribute, especially to a collection of money.Rate it:
kick in the ballsa big setback or disappointmentRate it:
kick in the pantsa (forceful) reminder to start or get goingRate it:
kick in the teethA humiliating insult or instance of bad treatment, especially when one is expecting friendship or in need of support; a sudden and unexpected setback; a strong rebuff.Rate it:
kick into touchTo kick a ball over the touchline in a game of rugby to avoid pressure from the opponent team in a difficult situationRate it:
kick into touchTo evade an issue.Rate it:
kick itTo kick back.Rate it:
kick itDance; get on the dance floor.Rate it:
kick it withTo hang out with someone.Rate it:
kick like a muleTo have a very strong physical effectRate it:
kick offTo make the first kick in a game or part of a game.Rate it:
kick offTo start; to launch.Rate it:
kick offTo shut down or turn_off suddenly.Rate it:
kick offTo force the weaning of a bovine cow's calf by restricting the calf's access to its mother's udders. Used figuratively or literally.Rate it:
kick off the teamIn sports, to dismiss an athlete from a team, usually for misconduct, poor academic performance or other offenses.Rate it:
kick one's heelsUsed other than as an idiom: see kick, heels.Rate it:
kick one's heelsTo wait; to wait impatiently or restlessly.Rate it:
kick oneselfTo reproach oneself for making a mistake or missing an opportunity.Rate it:
kick outTo stop, stall, or disconnect suddenly.Rate it:
kick some tiresTo shop for a vehicle or other item to purchase or invest in.Rate it:
kick someone when they are downTo make it worse for someone who is going through a difficult time.Rate it:
Kick the BucketTo perish, die or expire, no more aliveRate it:
kick the bucketOf a machine, to break down such that it cannot be repaired.Rate it:
kick the bucketTo die.Rate it:
kick the bucketto die.Rate it:
kick the can down the roadTo postpone a decision or action.Rate it:
kick the dustTo dieRate it:
kick the habitTo recover from or quit an addiction or habit. For example, to quit smoking, drinking, burping, or drug addiction.Rate it:
kick the tiresTo inspect something to ensure it meets expected standards or has favored characteristics, typically before committing to purchasing or otherwise selecting it.Rate it:
kick the tiresTo inspect a vehicle's tires by kicking them to check for defects or poor quality.Rate it:
kick the tyresAlternative form of kick the tires.Rate it:
kick to the curbto dismiss or reject in a humiliating manner.Rate it:
kick upInto the air while running or walking or driving.Rate it:

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