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pass throughTo transit something.Rate it:
pass throughTo make something move through something else.Rate it:
pass throughTo infiltrate.Rate it:
pass upUsed other than as an idiom: see pass, up.Rate it:
pass upTo refuse (not accept); forgo.Rate it:
past masterexpertRate it:
paste upTo create a pasteup.Rate it:
paste upTo display on a wall, kiosk, or other prominent surface, using adhesive.Rate it:
paste upUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see paste,‎ up.Rate it:
pat downTo frisk; to check someone's body for concealed items, especially weapons.Rate it:
pat on the backPraise, congratulations.Rate it:
pat on the backTo praise or congratulate.Rate it:
pat. pend.Abbreviation of patent pending.Rate it:
patch togetherTo repair, especially in an improvised manner or with insufficient equipment.Rate it:
patch upto repair by adding a patch.Rate it:
patch upto mend quicklyRate it:
patch upto repair, to make betterRate it:
patience is a virtueit is better to be patient than impatientRate it:
patience is a virtueSometimes we must wait for something and those who are able to do this with gracefulness are considered to be virtuous.Rate it:
patience of a saintA great deal of patience.Rate it:
patience of jobAn great amount of patience.Rate it:
patience of jobFrom the Bible, James Ch.5 V.11.Rate it:
patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrelsThe appeal to patriotism is often used to distract the public from real issues.Rate it:
pave the road to hellTo lead to a disaster by acting with good intentions.Rate it:
pave the wayTo make future development easier.Rate it:
paw atTo come on to in a rude way, with excessive and unwelcome touching; to handle rudely or clumsily.Rate it:
paw atTo repeatedly hit with a paw.Rate it:
paw offTo masturbate.Rate it:
paw offTo manually stimulate another person sexually, generally a male.Rate it:
pawn offTo get rid of by transferring it to another.Rate it:
pawn off asTo make a person or thing appear to be different than their true nature in order to fool someone else.Rate it:
pay a visitTo visit.Rate it:
pay attentionTo be attentive; to focus one's attention.Rate it:
pay backto pay an amount of money owed to another, to repayRate it:
pay backto exact revengeRate it:
pay dividendsto bring about something good as a result of past effort or actions.Rate it:
pay forTo exchange for, especially money for goods or services.Rate it:
pay forTo be punished or held accountable for.Rate it:
pay for itTo suffer the consequences of one's actions.Rate it:
pay offTo bribe, especially to deter oversight.Rate it:
pay offTo become worthwhile after a lapse.Rate it:
pay offyield good results; succeed.Rate it:
pay one's debt to societyTo serve time in prison or a similar correctional facility.Rate it:
pay one's duesTo acquire status or to earn the right to enjoy certain benefits, especially through lengthy experience, hardship, or service to an organization.Rate it:
pay one's duesTo outlay money which is owed as a membership fee or price of admission.Rate it:
pay outTo distribute money; to disburse.Rate it:
pay outTo slacken a rope by lengthening it; to allow a rope to run out.Rate it:
pay outTo repay, take revenge.Rate it:
pay packetA sealed envelope containing a person's wages.Rate it:
pay packetthe amount a person earns from employment.Rate it:

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