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be that as it may beIn consideration of the status, situation extant, reality.Rate it:
be the way to goRepresent the best of all possible options or courses of action; pre-eminate over all other choices or alternatives.Rate it:
be thereTo be available to provide comfort and support for someone, especially in a period of difficulty.Rate it:
be there forTo be available to provide comfort and support for someone, especially in a period of difficulty.Rate it:
be there or be squareUsed to encourage someone to go somewhere.Rate it:
be upbe happyRate it:
be up againstTo be challenged by someone or something stronger than oneself.Rate it:
be up toTo do or be involved in doing; to do.Rate it:
be withTo have sex with.Rate it:
be withTo date or be boyfriend/girlfriend with.Rate it:
be withTo agree with someone.Rate it:
be withTo understand someone's point or intention.Rate it:
be-all and end-allSomething considered to be of the utmost importance; something essential or ultimate.Rate it:
beam upTo be teleported over a long distance by means of a specific imaginary technology, specifically from the surface of a planet to an orbiting starship.Rate it:
beam upTo teleport another person or object in the same manner.Rate it:
bean counterA person, such as an accountant or financial officer, who is concerned with quantification, especially to the exclusion of other matters.Rate it:
bean queenA (usually white) man who is primarily attracted to Hispanic and Latino men.Rate it:
bear a handto make haste; to help quickly (used mostly in the imperative)Rate it:
bear downTo approach another vessel from windward.Rate it:
bear downTo press down on someone.Rate it:
bear downTo intensify one's efforts.Rate it:
bear downWhen giving birth, to push.Rate it:
bear down onTo approach someone in a very determined way.Rate it:
bear fruitTo succeed in some task; literally, of a tree or plant bearing fruit; figuratively in relation to any attempted task.Rate it:
bear hugwrestling holdRate it:
bear in mindRemember; consider; note.Rate it:
bear in uponInduce somebody to realize something, to impress a realization upon a person, usually in a gradual way.Rate it:
bear in withNearer.Rate it:
bear offTo gain; to carry off, as a prize.Rate it:
bear offTo restrain; to keep from approaching.Rate it:
bear offTo remove to a distance; to keep clear from rubbing against anything.Rate it:
bear off fromTo stand further off fromRate it:
bear onTo influence, have an effect on.Rate it:
bear onTo be relevant to.Rate it:
bear oneselfTo behave and conduct oneself in such a manner that others will give one respect.Rate it:
bear outTo corroborate, prove, or confirm; to demonstrate; to provide evidence for.Rate it:
bear outshow it br trueRate it:
bear the bruntTo endure the worst part of something.Rate it:
bear upTo sail close to the wind.Rate it:
bear upTo endure hardship cheerfully.Rate it:
bear uponTo influence, have an effect upon.Rate it:
bear uponTo be relevant to.Rate it:
bear withTo be patient with.Rate it:
bear witnessgive evidenceRate it:
beard the lion in his denTo confront an adversary in his or her own environmentRate it:
beast with two backsTwo people engaged in sexual intercourse.Rate it:
Beat a Dead HorseTo attempt useless goals or to fight for a cause that has been lost already, to make a useless point, argument or discussion with anyone.Rate it:
beat a dead horseTo persist or continue far beyond any purpose, interest or reason.Rate it:
beat a retreatTo leave hastily in the face of opposition.Rate it:
beat around the bushevasive responses, implausible explanations, extrapolations instead of explanations.Rate it:

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