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bo jookBluffing.Rate it:
board outto send (children or pets) to stay with other people (or to boarding school, in the case of children)Rate it:
board upTo block doors or windows with boards, either to prevent access or as protection from storms, etc.Rate it:
bob upTo rise to the surface; to ascend to the surface and remain floating there.Rate it:
Bob's your uncle"No problem", "the solution is simple", "there you have it", you have what you want, all will be well; indicates a desirable conclusion has been reached.Rate it:
BODMASBrackets, order, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction; a mnemonic for arithmetic order of precedence, with the highest precedence first.Rate it:
body blowA hard punch struck to the torso.Rate it:
body blowA serious setback; a traumatizing event which prevents or hinders continuation of an activity.Rate it:
body EnglishA body motion made to coax an object already propelled go in a desired direction. For example, a nervous leaning or twisting movement while playing sports such as golf or bowling, to "persuade" the ball to go in a desired direction.Rate it:
body of waterUsed other than as an idiom: see body, of, water.Rate it:
body of waterAny significant accumulation of water, usually covering the Earth or another planet, such as a river, lake or a bay.Rate it:
bog downTo become stuck and unable to progress.Rate it:
bog downTo cause to become stuck and unable to progress.Rate it:
bog into start eating with gutsoRate it:
bog into halt the progress ofRate it:
bog offTo leave, to go away.Rate it:
bog standardEspecially plain, ordinary, or unremarkable; having no special, excess or unusual features; plain vanilla.Rate it:
bogged downStuck, as if in a bog.Rate it:
bogged downStuck; mired, as in detail, difficulty; delayed or made slower.Rate it:
BOHICAAcronym of bend over, here it comes again. Used colloquially to indicate that an adverse situation is about to repeat itself, and that acquiescence is the wisest or only course of action.Rate it:
boil downAs an allusion to the cooking technique of reducing liquids by heat, one boils down a problem, argument, etc. to its most central elements.Rate it:
boil down toto be equivalent to; to reduce to.Rate it:
boil offto remove by boilingRate it:
boil offto be removes by boilingRate it:
boil overTo boil to such an extent as to overflow its container.Rate it:
boil overTo reach the point where aggressive action is taken.Rate it:
boil upTo cook by boiling.Rate it:
boil upTo become more excited, intense or exciting.Rate it:
boiling frogWhen referring to a situation gradually becoming worse, without those involved realizing the peril affecting them until it's too late.Rate it:
boiling hotextremely hot (having a high temperature: of an object, the weather, a living creature)Rate it:
boiling madextremely angryRate it:
boiling pointThe temperature at which a liquid boils, with the vapor pressure equal to the given external pressure.Rate it:
boiling pointThe state of being heated, with high aggression.Rate it:
bold as brassVery bold; very brave.Rate it:
boldly go where no man has gone beforeTo break new ground.Rate it:
bolix upTo confuse or fluster.Rate it:
bollocks to itAn expression of disappointment, disapproval, or frustration; the hell with it; forget itRate it:
bollocks upTo fail to do correctly; to make a mess of.Rate it:
bolt bucketA machine, especially an automobile. Implies that the machine is clunky or unreliable.Rate it:
Bolt from the BlueSome situation or condition, which is quite shocking, unexpected or happens all of a suddenRate it:
bomb aroundThe drive around at speed for pleasure.Rate it:
bomb outTo fail; to produce no or very poor results; to drop out of or be eliminated from a competition.Rate it:
BOMDASBrackets, then order, then multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction; a mnemonic for arithmetic order of operations, with B first and AS last.Rate it:
bona nochyGood night.Rate it:
bone dryCompletely dry; without any trace of moisture.Rate it:
bone hardAs hard as a bone, rock hard.Rate it:
bone idlelazyRate it:
bone in her teethA prominent bow wave.Rate it:
bone in her teethUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see bone,‎ in,‎ her,‎ teeth.Rate it:
bone in the throatA source of continuing annoyance; a hindrance.Rate it:

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