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take inTo receive into your home for the purpose of processing for a fee.Rate it:
take into accountOr pay attention to; to notice.Rate it:
take into considerationTo take into account.Rate it:
take it awayTo begin, especially used to launch a performance of some sort (usually imperative and/or exclamatory).Rate it:
take it easyAn informal greeting for parting or closing.Rate it:
take it easyImmediately calm yourself down; your state of panic does not help.Rate it:
take it easyTo relax or rest.Rate it:
take it from meBelieve me, rest assured.Rate it:
take it from thereLet's see what happensRate it:
take it like a manTo respond to pain, hardship, adversity, or emotional distress in a collected, aggressive, and typical or stereotypical masculine manner, especially without question, crying, complaining, or becoming emotionalRate it:
take it or leave itAccept the proposal or proposition as it is stated or refuse the deal.Rate it:
take it or leave itIt is said when a situation has to be accepted without change.Rate it:
take it out inTo accept as payment.Rate it:
take it out onTo unleash one's anger on [a person or thing other than the one that caused it].Rate it:
take it outsideTo take a fight to a more violent level, especially by moving it to an outside place.Rate it:
Take it to HoopAccomplishment of a project in a successful manner; or doing a job in an excellent wayRate it:
take it to the bankSaid to emphasize that something is known for sure.Rate it:
take it up the assTo be the recipient of anal sex.Rate it:
take it up the assTo be cheated or treated unfairly.Rate it:
take it upon oneselfTo assume personal responsibility for a task or action.Rate it:
take its tollTo affect, especially negatively; to damage or degrade; to cause destruction.Rate it:
take kindlyTo accept or condone.Rate it:
take leaveUsed other than as an idiom: see take, leave.Rate it:
take leaveTo depart.Rate it:
take leave of one's sensesTo go crazy; to stop behaving rationally.Rate it:
take libertiesTo behave disrespectfully, especially to make unwanted sexual advances.Rate it:
take lightlyTo approach a task casually.Rate it:
take lying downTo endure without complaint or protest.Rate it:
take matters into one's own handsTo deal with a problem alone, because others responsible have failed to deal with it.Rate it:
take me awayused in a Calgon ad campaign.Rate it:
take no for an answerTo accept a disappointing response.Rate it:
take no notice ofTo ignore.Rate it:
take no prisonersTo be uncompromising.Rate it:
take no prisonersUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see take,‎ prisoner.Rate it:
take offTo remove.Rate it:
take offTo imitate, often in a satirical manner.Rate it:
take offTo leave the ground and begin flight; to ascend into the air.Rate it:
take offTo become successful, to flourish.Rate it:
take offTo depart.Rate it:
take offTo quantify.Rate it:
take offTo absent oneself from work or other responsibility, especially with permission.Rate it:
take offTo leave unexpectedly, blow the joint, leave in a huff, run out, evacuate, disband, abandon, rush away, fly the coop, jump the rails, jump the gun.Rate it:
Take Off Your Hat to SomeoneAdmiring or praising someone for significant achievementRate it:
take off!An order, a sharp command, a desultory admonition, Take Your Leave, now!, Get Lost!, Leave Town!Rate it:
take offlineDiscuss a sensitive or highly specific topic individually or in a small group away from a larger groupRate it:
take onTo acquire, bring in, or introduce.Rate it:
take onTo begin to have or exhibit.Rate it:
take onTo assume responsibility for.Rate it:
take onTo attempt to fight or compete.Rate it:
take on faithTo accept something without seeing evidence supporting it, by trust or confidence.Rate it:

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