Found 157 phrases starting with TU:

tub of gutsA fat personRate it:
tube steakA frankfurter.Rate it:
tuck inTo bed.Rate it:
tuck inTo push the fabric at the bottom of a shirt under the pants.Rate it:
tuck inTo start to eat.Rate it:
tuck intoTo eat, especially with gusto.Rate it:
tucker outTo exhaust; to tire out.Rate it:
tuckered outSimple past tense and past participle of tucker out.Rate it:
tug of wara game or competition in which two teams pull or tug on opposite ends of a rope trying to force the other team over the line which initially marked the middle between the two teams.Rate it:
tug of wara dispute between two parties, particularly an entrenched, back and forth dispute.Rate it:
tuitstuitsRate it:
tuitsIf I had more tuits.Rate it:
tuitsVirtual tokens for an amount of time or attention that a particular issue would need to resolve.Rate it:
tumble downtopple, collapseRate it:
tumble onTo accidentally encounter.Rate it:
tumble toTo discover, or suddenly understand something.Rate it:
tune inTo pay attention.Rate it:
tune inTo select a channel, station, etc., as on television or radio.Rate it:
tune inadjust a radioRate it:
tune in to what is happeningConcentrating on the conversation, the action on scene at the moment is to tune-in.Rate it:
tune in, turn on, drop outPay attention to the new way of living; take drugs; abandon the established ways.Rate it:
tune outTo change the channel or frequency away from.Rate it:
tune outTo fail to pay attention to; to ignore.Rate it:
tune upTo make adjustments to an engine in order to improve its performance.Rate it:
tune upTo make preparations for vigorous exercise; to warm up.Rate it:
tune you out!Disregard, Ignore, Leave, 'Turn You Off!', Abandon, Isolate, Turn Away, Terminate, Go Away from, Reject, Dismiss, Divorce:Rate it:
tuppenceTwo pence (in pre- or post-decimalisation currency).Rate it:
tuppenceOpinion.Rate it:
tuppenceVulva or vagina.Rate it:
tuppence worthOne's opinion or thoughts.Rate it:
tuppence worthTwo pennys' worth.Rate it:
turd in the punchbowlSomething which ruins or spoils everything else; a nuisance or problem; an unpleasant or disagreeable detail.Rate it:
turf outTo remove or eject from a place.Rate it:
turf warA dispute over territory between rival gangs.Rate it:
turf warA fight or confrontation between two divisions or parties for access to resources or capital.Rate it:
turkey shootA hunt or hunting competition, using rifles or shotguns, in which wild turkeys are the prey; a marksmanship contest in which a turkey is the prize.Rate it:
turkey shootA situation in which numerous weapons are discharged against prey, opponents, or victims who have little ability to protect or defend themselves.Rate it:
turkey shootA unequal competitive situation in which one party easily defeats the other(s).Rate it:
turkey slapThe act of hitting someone in the face with one's penis.Rate it:
Turkish breadUsed other than as an idiom: see Turkish, bread.Rate it:
Turkish breadA broad, round and flat bread made from wheat, sometimes considered a type of pita; pide.Rate it:
turn a blind eyeTo ignore or deliberately overlook, especially with respect to something unpleasant or improper.Rate it:
turn a cornerAlternative form of turn the corner.Rate it:
turn a deaf earto refuse to listen or hear somethingRate it:
turn a hairTo become afraid or visibly upset.Rate it:
turn a phraseTo create a particular linguistic expression which is strikingly clear, appropriate, and memorable.Rate it:
turn a profitTo obtain profit from an investment.Rate it:
turn a profitTo gain money or to gain materially.Rate it:
turn a trickTo perform a sexual service for a customer.Rate it:
turn aboutAlternative spelling of turnaboutRate it:

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