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tiaInitialism of Telecommunications Industry Association.Rate it:
tiaInitialism of This is Africa, a business newspaper.Rate it:
TIASInitialism of try it and see.Rate it:
tick all the boxesTo fulfill all the requirements, especially as itemized in a list; to have all the needed characteristics; to complete all the steps in a process in an orderly manner.Rate it:
tick awayTo count down to zero of something).Rate it:
tick downTo count the time down to zero.Rate it:
tick offSign with a tick.Rate it:
tick offTo annoy, aggravate.Rate it:
tick offTo reprimand.Rate it:
tick off!Aggravate, irritate, disturb, rankle, rub, assail, insult an individual.Rate it:
tick overTo run smoothly and without problems.Rate it:
tick pastTo continue over time.Rate it:
tickle pinkTo thoroughly delight or amuse; to elate.Rate it:
tickle somebody's funny boneTo amuse; to strike somebody as funny.Rate it:
tickle someone's fancyTo amuse, entertain, or appeal to someone; to stimulate someone's imagination in a favorable manner.Rate it:
tickle someone's funny boneTo amuse; to strike somebody as funny.Rate it:
tickle someone's pickleTo amuse or astonish someone.Rate it:
tickle someone's pickleTo stimulate someone's penis sexually.Rate it:
tickle the dragon's tailTo do something that has a risk of going catastrophically wrong.Rate it:
tickle the dragon's tailTo annoy an irritable person.Rate it:
tickle the dragon's tailTo bring two subcritical masses close together in order to find the edge of criticality.Rate it:
Tickle the IvoriesSkillfully playing the pianoRate it:
tickle the ivoriesI don't have as much time as I'd like, but I still enjoy tickling the ivories from time to time.Rate it:
tickle the ivoriesTo play the piano.Rate it:
tickle the twineTo score a goal in ice hockeyRate it:
Tickle Your Funny BoneAmusing someone or making someone laughRate it:
Tickled PinkExtremely delighted or pleased of something; be very happy or amusedRate it:
tickled pinkAn expression vouchsafing, joy, extreme happiness:Rate it:
tickled pinkSimple past tense and past participle of tickle pink.Rate it:
tide overTo support or sustain someone, especially financially, for a limited period.Rate it:
tidy upTo make clean. In particular to make satisfactorily neat. Usually used to describe the straightening-out of a small room or small space.Rate it:
tie backTo tie or fasten behind.Rate it:
tie downto constrain, or to confine within set limits.Rate it:
tie downto secure as if with a rope or hook.Rate it:
tie one onTo drink alcohol excessively, to the point of being drunkRate it:
tie overTide over.Rate it:
tie someone's handsTo render one powerless to act, to thwart someone.Rate it:
tie the knotTo marry, wed, get married.Rate it:
tie uplink, connectionRate it:
tie upTo occupy, detain, keep busy, or delay.Rate it:
tie upTo secure with rope, string, etc.Rate it:
tie upTo complete, finish, or resolve.Rate it:
tie up loose endsTo deal with the minor consequences of a previous action; to tidy up, finish, or complete.Rate it:
Tied to Someone’s Apron StringsDepending on someone for something; can’t be able to do something due to dependenceRate it:
tiger teamA specialized group tasked with testing the effectiveness of an organization's ability to protect assets by attempting to circumvent, defeat or otherwise thwart that organization's internal and external security.Rate it:
tiger teamAn engineering or other group assembled to tackle especially difficult or critical problems, often outside the normal chain of command.Rate it:
tight as a duck's arseExtremely tight, mean, excessively thriftyRate it:
tight lippedtaciturnRate it:
tight lippedNot speaking; silent.Rate it:
tight lipsOf a person, silence or reticence.Rate it:

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