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teacher's petfavourite pupilRate it:
teacher's petA student who is perceived to be favored by the teacher.Rate it:
team upTo join into a team, or into teams.Rate it:
team up withTo associate with another in a joint enterprise.Rate it:
tear a strip off somebodyTo scold vigorously.Rate it:
tear a strip off someoneTo scold vigorously.Rate it:
tear alongTo run quickly along somewhere.Rate it:
tear alongTo break something into two pieces by separating at a line of perforations.Rate it:
tear apartUsed other than as an idiom: see tear, apart.Rate it:
tear apartto destroyRate it:
tear apartto cause to separateRate it:
tear apartto severely defeatRate it:
tear awayTo remove oneself reluctantly; often expressed in the negative.Rate it:
tear downTo demolishRate it:
tear intoTo subject to a heavy attack, physical or figurative.Rate it:
tear offTo rip away from; to pull a piece from forcibly.Rate it:
tear offTo leave or depart rapidly.Rate it:
tear one's hair outTo react with extreme agitation.Rate it:
tear outTo remove by tearing.Rate it:
tear upOr against.Rate it:
tear upTo damage.Rate it:
tear upTo shed tears.Rate it:
tear upTo tear into pieces.Rate it:
tear up the pea patchTo put on a notable performance, especially in sports; to go on a rampage.Rate it:
tease outTo unravel; to determine; solve.Rate it:
tease outTo separate as if by unraveling.Rate it:
tech upTo upgrade to a higher technology level.Rate it:
technical knockouttkoRate it:
tee offTo hit the first shot of the hole.Rate it:
tee offTo irritate, vex, or annoy.Rate it:
tee upTo place a golf ball on a teeRate it:
tee upTo pass the ball to someone, facilitating a shot.Rate it:
tee upTo place the ball on a tee, ready for kickoff.Rate it:
tee upTo give a coach or player a technical foul.Rate it:
teed offAnnoyed, upset, angry.Rate it:
teensy weensyAlternative spelling of teensy-weensy.Rate it:
teeny weenyminuteRate it:
teething problemsSynonym of teething troublesRate it:
teething troublesSmall problems such as are to be expected with some any new and untried system or product.Rate it:
tel avivIsraeli cityRate it:
telephone exchangecommunications switching centreRate it:
telephone tagA situation in which a person unsuccessfully attempts to contact another person by telephone and leaves a message instead, and in which the second person then unsuccessfully attempts to return the initial call and leaves a message for the first person, and so on as if the two are playing a game of tag in which the most recent person to have been left with a message is now designated as "it" (i.e. as the player now obliged to chase the other and to attempt anew to make contact).Rate it:
tell againstTo function as a liability (for someone); to put into a condition of disadvantage.Rate it:
tell againstTo serve as evidence which casts doubt upon.Rate it:
tell allTo reveal everything, particularly information that is normally withheld.Rate it:
tell allTo tell everyone.Rate it:
tell apartTo be able to know the difference between things; to distinguish.Rate it:
tell fortunesto tell someone's destiny or future, usually by magicRate it:
tell it like it isTo speak frankly, to convey all and only the truth of a situation.Rate it:
tell it to sweeneyI do not believe what you said.Rate it:

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