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vale or cura ut valeasgood-bye; farewell.Rate it:
valetudinem (morbum) excusare (Liv. 6. 22. 7)to excuse oneself on the score of health.Rate it:
valetudini consulere, operam dareto take care of one's health.Rate it:
valetudinis excusatione utito excuse oneself on the score of health.Rate it:
vallum iacere, exstruere, facereto raise a rampart, earthwork.Rate it:
valvas (portam) obstruereto barricade a door (a city-gate).Rate it:
varia fortuna utito experience the vicissitudes of fortune; to have a chequered career.Rate it:
vasa colligere (Liv. 21. 47)to pack the baggage (for marching).Rate it:
vasa conclamare (B. C. 3. 37)to give the signal for breaking up the camp, collecting baggage.Rate it:
vectigalia exercere (vid. sect. V. 7, note The first...)to collect the taxes.Rate it:
vectigalia exigere (acerbe)to exact the taxes (with severity).Rate it:
vectigalia redimere, conducereto farm the revenues.Rate it:
vectigalia, tributa alicui imponereto impose tribute on some one.Rate it:
vectigalia, tributa pendereto pay taxes.Rate it:
vectores (Phil. 7. 9. 27)passengers.Rate it:
vehementer errareto be in gross error, seriously misled.Rate it:
vehementer, graviter aeogratare, iacēreto be seriously ill.Rate it:
vel maximos luctus vetustate tollit diuturnitas (Fam. 5. 16. 5)time assuages the most violent grief.Rate it:
vela armamentaquesails and rigging.Rate it:
vela contrahere (also metaph.)to furl the sails.Rate it:
vela dareto set the sails.Rate it:
vela facere, pandereto set the sails.Rate it:
vela in altum dare (Liv. 25. 27)to put to sea.Rate it:
velim tibi ita persuadeasconvince yourself of this; rest assured on this point.Rate it:
velle aliquem (Plaut. Capt. 5. 2. 24)to wish to speak to some one.Rate it:
veneno sibi mortem consciscereto poison oneself.Rate it:
venenum sumere, bibereto take poison.Rate it:
veniam dare alicuito pardon a person.Rate it:
venire in conspectum alicuiusto come in sight.Rate it:
venti ab ortu solis flantthe east winds are blowing.Rate it:
ventis reflantibus (Tusc. 1. 49)with the wind against one.Rate it:
ventis secundis, adversis utito have favourable, contrary, winds.Rate it:
vento se dareto run before the wind.Rate it:
ventri deditum esseto be the slave of one's appetite.Rate it:
ventum (tempestatem) nancti idoneum ex portu exeuntthe ships sail out on a fair wind.Rate it:
ventum popularem quendam (in aliqua re) quaerereto strive to gain popular favour by certain means.Rate it:
ventus cadit, cessatthe wind dies down, ceases.Rate it:
ventus ignem distulit (B. G. 5. 43)the wind spread the conflagration.Rate it:
ventus remittit (opp. increbrescit)the wind is falling.Rate it:
ventus se vertit in Africumthe wind is turning to the south-west.Rate it:
ver appetitspring is approaching.Rate it:
vera cum falsis confundereto confuse true with false.Rate it:
vera et falsa (a falsis) diiudicareto distinguish true and false.Rate it:
verba ac litteras or scriptum (legis) sequi (opp. sententia the spirit)to hold by the letter (of the law).Rate it:
verba compositawell-arranged words.Rate it:
verba dare alicui (Att. 15. 16)to deceive a person, throw dust in his eyes.Rate it:
verba facere (de aliqua re, apud aliquem)to speak on a subject.Rate it:
verba facere apud populum, in contioneto address a meeting of the people.Rate it:
verba parere, fingere, facereto invent, form words.Rate it:
verba, oratio, exemplum scriptoristhe text of the author (not textus).Rate it:

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