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o facinus indignum! (Ter. Andr. 1. 1. 118)monstrous!Rate it:
obliquo monte decurrereto run obliquely down the hill.Rate it:
obliterari (Liv. 26. 41)to be forgotten, pass into oblivion.Rate it:
oblivio alicuius rei me capitI forget something.Rate it:
oblivione obrui, deleri, exstinguito be forgotten, pass into oblivion.Rate it:
oblivioni esse, darito be forgotten, pass into oblivion.Rate it:
obscurare alicuius gloriam, laudem, famam (not obscurare aliquem)to render obscure, eclipse a person.Rate it:
obsides civitatibus imperareto compel communities to provide hostages.Rate it:
obsides dareto give hostages.Rate it:
obsidionem quattuor menses sustinereto hold out for four months.Rate it:
obtinere aliquidto maintain one's assertion, prove oneself right.Rate it:
obviam alicui aliquem mittereto send to meet a person.Rate it:
obviam ire alicuito meet any one.Rate it:
obviam venire alicuito go to meet some one.Rate it:
obvium or obviam esse, obviam fierito meet some one by chance.Rate it:
occasio datur, offertura favourable opportunity presents itself.Rate it:
occasione data, oblatawhen occasion offers; as opportunity occurs.Rate it:
occasione utito make use of, avail oneself of an opportunity.Rate it:
occasionem alicui dare, praebere alicuius rei or ad aliquid faciendumto give a man the opportunity of doing a thing.Rate it:
occasionem arripereto seize an opportunity.Rate it:
occasionem nanciscito get, meet with, a favourable opportunity.Rate it:
occasionem praetermittere, amittere (through carelessness), omittere (deliberately), dimittere (through indifference)to lose, let slip an opportunity.Rate it:
occasioni deesseto neglect an opportunity.Rate it:
occupare loca superiorato occupy the high ground.Rate it:
occupatum esse in aliqua reto be engaged upon a matter.Rate it:
oculi in vultu alicuius habitanthis eyes are always fixed on some one's face.Rate it:
oculis captum esse (vid. sect. IV. 6., note auribus, oculis...)to be blind.Rate it:
oculis mentis videre aliquidto see with the mind's eye.Rate it:
oculis or sub oculos, sub aspectum subicere aliquidto represent a thing vividly.Rate it:
oculis privare aliquemto deprive a person of his eyes.Rate it:
oculis, ante oculos (animo) proponere aliquidto picture a thing to oneself; to imagine.Rate it:
oculorum aciem alicui praestringere (also simply praestringere)to dazzle a person.Rate it:
oculos (aures, animum) advertere ad aliquidto turn one's eyes (ears, attention) towards an object.Rate it:
oculos circumferreto look in every direction.Rate it:
oculos conicere in aliquemto turn one's gaze on; to regard.Rate it:
oculos deicere, removere ab aliqua reto turn one's gaze away from an object.Rate it:
oculos figere in terra and in terramto keep one's eyes on the ground.Rate it:
oculos operire (morienti)to close the eyes of a dying person.Rate it:
oculos pascere aliqua re (also simply pasci aliqua re)to feast one's eyes with the sight of...Rate it:
oculos tollere, attollere ad caelumto raise the eyes to heaven; to look up to the sky.Rate it:
oculos, lumina amittereto lose one's sight.Rate it:
odio inflammatum, accensum esseto be fired with a passionate hatred.Rate it:
odio or invidia alicuius ardereto be consumed with hatred.Rate it:
odio, invidiae esse alicuito be hated by some one.Rate it:
odium alicuius inflammareto kindle hatred in a person's heart; to fill some one with hatred (not implere, vid. sect. IX. 2, note gaudio...).Rate it:
odium explere aliqua re (Liv. 4. 32)to glut one's hatred.Rate it:
odium implacabile suscipere in aliquemto conceive an implacable hatred against a man.Rate it:
odium inveteratum habere in aliquem (Vat. 3. 6)to cherish an inveterate animosity against some one.Rate it:
odium restinguere, exstinguereto stifle, drown one's hatred.Rate it:
odores, qui efflantur e floribusthe perfume exhaled by flowers.Rate it:

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