Found 362 phrases starting with P:


pabulatione premi (B. C. 1. 78)to suffer from want of forage.Rate it:
pabulatum, frumentatum ireto forage.Rate it:
pace tua dixerim or dicere liceatallow me to say.Rate it:
pacem conciliare (Fam. 10. 27)to bring about a peace.Rate it:
pacem dirimere, frangereto break the peace.Rate it:
pacem facere cum aliquoto make peace with some one.Rate it:
pacis condiciones accipere, subire (opp. repudiare, respuere)to accept the terms of the peace.Rate it:
pacis condiciones dare, dicere alicui (Liv. 29. 12)to dictate the terms of peace to some one.Rate it:
pacis condiciones ferre (not proponere)to propose terms of peace.Rate it:
pacta merces alicuius reithe stipulated reward for anything.Rate it:
pactionem facere cum aliquo (Sall. Iug. 40)to conclude a treaty with some one.Rate it:
paeninsula in mare excurrit, procurrita peninsula projects into the sea.Rate it:
palmam deferre, dare alicuito award the prize to...Rate it:
palmam ferre, auferreto win the prize.Rate it:
paludatus, sagatusin a military cloak (paludamentum, of a general; sagum, of soldiers).Rate it:
panis cibariusordinary bread.Rate it:
pannis obsitusin ragsRate it:
par pari referreto return like for like.Rate it:
parare aliquidto take measures for...Rate it:
parare exercitum, copiasto equip an army, troops.Rate it:
parare with prepare to do a thing.Rate it:
parem (opp. imparem) esse hostito be a match for the enemy.Rate it:
parentare (Leg. 2. 21. 54)to make a sacrifice on the tomb of one's ancestors.Rate it:
paria paribus respondereto return like for like.Rate it:
paribus intervallis distareto be equidistant.Rate it:
partes (usually of plebeians)a party; faction.Rate it:
partes agere alicuiusto play the part of some one.Rate it:
partes generibus subiectae suntthe species is subordinate the genus.Rate it:
partium studiis divisum esseto be torn by faction.Rate it:
partium studiosum esseto be a strong partisan.Rate it:
partium studium, also simply studiaparty-spirit.Rate it:
parvo, vili pretio or bene emereto buy cheaply.Rate it:
pascere gregemto feed a flock (of goats).Rate it:
passis crinibuswith dishevelled hair.Rate it:
pastum agereto drive to pasture.Rate it:
pastum ireto go to pasture.Rate it:
patentia ruinis (vid. XII. 1, note ruina...)a breach.Rate it:
pater optime or carissime, mi pater (vid. sect. XII. 10)my dear father.Rate it:
patiens laboriscapable of exertion.Rate it:
patre, (e) matre natusson of such and such a father, mother.Rate it:
patres (senatum) consulere de aliqua re (Sall. Iug. 28)to consult the senators on a matter.Rate it:
patria carereto be in exile.Rate it:
patriae amantem (amantissimum) esse (Att. 9. 22)to be (very) patriotic.Rate it:
patronus (causae) (De Or. 2. 69)counsel; advocate.Rate it:
pauca dicere (pauca verba dicere only of the orator)to say only a few words.Rate it:
paucis te voloa word with you.Rate it:
paucis, parvo contentum esseto be satisfied with a little.Rate it:
paucorum dierum spatium ad deliberandum dareto give some one a few days for reflection.Rate it:
paucorum dominatio or potentiaoligarchy.Rate it:
pax convenit in eam condicionem, ut...peace is concluded on condition that...Rate it:

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