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e (de) manibus effugere, elābito slip, escape from the hands.Rate it:
e disciplina alicuius profectum esseto be brought up in some one's school.Rate it:
e fontibus haurire (opp. rivulos consectari or fontes non videre)to draw from the fountain-head.Rate it:
e gravi morbo recreari or se colligereto recruit oneself after a severe illness.Rate it:
e lecto or e cubīli surgereto rise from one's bed, get up.Rate it:
e longinquofrom a distance.Rate it:
e manibus dimittereto let go from one's hands.Rate it:
e or de medio tollereto remove a person.Rate it:
e patria exire iubere aliquemto banish a man from his native land.Rate it:
e proscriptorum numero eximere aliquemto erase a person's name from the list of the proscribed.Rate it:
e re publica (opp. contra rem p.)for the advantage of the state; in the interests of the state.Rate it:
e senatu eicereto expel from the senate.Rate it:
ea aetate, id aetatis esseto be of such and such an age.Rate it:
ea lege, uton condition of...Rate it:
ea quorum stirpes terra continentur (N. D. 2. 10. 26)the vegetable kingdom.Rate it:
ea, quae a terra stirpibus continenturthe vegetable kingdom.Rate it:
ea, quae e terra gignunturthe vegetable kingdom.Rate it:
ea, quae terra gignitthe vegetable kingdom.Rate it:
eadem (longe alia) est huius rei ratiothe case is exactly similar (entirely different).Rate it:
eadem est causa mea or in eadem causa summy circumstances have not altered.Rate it:
edicere, ut senatus frequens adsit (Fam. 11. 6. 2)to issue a proclamation calling on the senators to assemble in full force.Rate it:
edictum proponere (Att. 2. 21. 4)to publish, post up an edict.Rate it:
efferre or edere aliquid in vulgusto divulge, make public.Rate it:
efficere duas legionesto form two legions.Rate it:
effrenatae cupiditatesunrestrained, unbridled lust.Rate it:
effugere, elābi e manibus hostiumto escape from the hands of the enemy.Rate it:
effundere, profundere pecuniam, patrimoniumto squander one's money, one's patrimony.Rate it:
effusa laetitiaa transport of joy.Rate it:
egredi loco; excedere ex locoto leave a place.Rate it:
egregiam operam (multum, plus etc. operae) dare alicui reito expend great labour on a thing.Rate it:
ei, propter quos hanc lucem aspeximusthose to whom we owe our being.Rate it:
eiusdem linguae societate coniunctum esse cum aliquo (De Or. 3. 59. 223)to be united by having a common language.Rate it:
elatio atque altitudo orationisthe exalted strain of the speech.Rate it:
elatius se gerereto give oneself airs.Rate it:
elegantia in illo esthe possesses sound judgment in matters of taste.Rate it:
elegantia orationistasteful description.Rate it:
elementa et tamquam semina rerumthe elements and first beginnings.Rate it:
elementa; initia or principia rerumthe elements.Rate it:
elogium in sepulcro incisumthe epitaph.Rate it:
eloquentem esse (De Or. 1. 21. 94)to be a capable, finished speaker.Rate it:
eloquentia valereto be very eloquent.Rate it:
eloquentiae laude florereto be a distinguished orator.Rate it:
eloquentiae principatum tenereto be considered the foremost orator.Rate it:
emendate scribereto write correctly, in faultless style.Rate it:
emeritis stipendiis (Sall. Iug. 84. 2)after having completed one's service.Rate it:
eminus hastis, comminus gladiis utito use javelins at a distance, swords at close quarters.Rate it:
enuntiatio, enuntiatum, sententiathe sentence, proposition.Rate it:
eo consilio, ea mente, utwith the intention of...Rate it:
eo ipso tempore, cum; tum ipsum, cumat the same moment that, precisely when.Rate it:
epistula ad Atticum data, scripta, missa or quae ad A. scripta esta letter to Atticus.Rate it:

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