Found 132 phrases starting with H:


habenas adducereto tighten the reins.Rate it:
habenas permittereto slacken the reins.Rate it:
habitare in domo alicuius, apud aliquem (Acad. 2. 36. 115)to live in some one's house.Rate it:
hac annona (Plaut. Trin. 2. 4. 83)when corn is as dear as it is.Rate it:
haec (fere) dixithe spoke (very much) as follows.Rate it:
haec (illa) res me consolaturI console myself with...Rate it:
haec (quidem) illethis much he said.Rate it:
haec Ciceronis ferethis is very much what Cicero said.Rate it:
haec cogitatio subit animuman idea strikes me.Rate it:
haec est rerum humanarum condiciothat is the way of the world; such is life.Rate it:
haec ex eodem fonte fluunt, manantthese things have the same origin.Rate it:
haec fabula docetthis fable teaches us (without nos).Rate it:
haec gens pertinet usque ad Rhenumthe territory of this race extends as far as the Rhine.Rate it:
haec habeo dicere or habeo quae dicamthis I have to say.Rate it:
haec iocatus sum, per iocum dixiI said it in jest.Rate it:
haec omnia, quae videmusthe visible world.Rate it:
haec speciosiora quam veriora suntthis is more plausible than true.Rate it:
haec tempora, nostra haec aetas, memoriathe present day.Rate it:
haec verba sunt (Ter. Phorm. 3. 2. 32)these are mere empty phrases.Rate it:
haec vox longa syllaba terminatur, in longam syllabam cadit, exitthis word ends in a long syllable.Rate it:
haerere, haesitare (Catil. 2. 6. 13)to stop short, hesitate.Rate it:
hanc in sententiam dixitthe tenor of his speech was this...Rate it:
hanc poenam constituere in aliquem, ordain as punishment that...Rate it:
Hercules in trivio, in bivio, in compitisHercules at the cross-roads, between virtue and vice.Rate it:
heredem esse alicuito be some one's heir.Rate it:
hereditas ad me or mihi venit ab aliquo (Verr. 2. 1. 10)I have received a legacy from a person.Rate it:
hereditate aliquid accipereto inherit something.Rate it:
hereditate aliquid relictum est ab aliquosomething has been left as a legacy by some one.Rate it:
hereditatem adire, cernereto take possession of an inheritance.Rate it:
heres ex asse, ex dodrantesole heir; heir to three-quarters of the estate.Rate it:
heres ex besseheir to two-thirds of the property.Rate it:
hic (ille) locus obscurus estthis passage is obscure.Rate it:
hic liber est de amicitia (not agit) or hoc libro agitur de am.the book treats of friendship.Rate it:
hic situs lies...Rate it:
hiemem tolerareto bear the winter.Rate it:
hiems subestwinter is at hand.Rate it:
hinc illae lacrimae (proverb.) (Ter. And. 1. 1. 99; Cael. 25. 61)hence these tears; there's the rub.Rate it:
hinc sermo ductus estthe conversation began in this way.Rate it:
his condicionibuson these terms.Rate it:
his fere verbis, hoc fere modo convertere, transferreto translate freely.Rate it:
his moribusaccording to the present custom, fashion.Rate it:
his temporibus, nostra (hac) aetate, nostra memoria, his (not nostris) diebusin our time; in our days.Rate it:
historiahistory (as a science).Rate it:
historia Romana or rerum Romanarum historiaRoman history (i.e. the exposition, representation of it by writers).Rate it:
historiae prodiderunt (without nobis)history has handed down to us.Rate it:
historiae, rerum fideshistoric truth.Rate it:
historiam (-as) scribereto write a history.Rate it:
historicorum fide contestata memoriahistoric times.Rate it:
histrionem exsibilare, explodere, eicere, exigereto hiss an actor off the stage.Rate it:
histrioni acclamareto interrupt an actor by hooting him.Rate it:

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