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fabula cadita piece is a failure, falls flat.Rate it:
fabula, ludus scaenicusthe piece; the play.Rate it:
fabulae, historia fabularismythology.Rate it:
fabulam agereto act a play (said of the actors).Rate it:
fabulam dareto produce a play (of the writer).Rate it:
fabulam docere (διδάσκειν) (of the writer) (opp. fabulam discereto study a piece, of the actor)Rate it:
fabulam edereto bring out a play, put it on the stage (used of the man who finds the money).Rate it:
fabulam exigere (Ter. Andr. Pol.)to hiss a play.Rate it:
fabulam fierito be the talk of the town, a scandal.Rate it:
facete dicereto be witty.Rate it:
facete dictuma witticism, bon mot.Rate it:
facete et commode dicereto indulge in apt witticisms.Rate it:
facetiis uti, facetum esseto make witty remarks.Rate it:
facilem et expeditum esse ad dicendum (Brut. 48. 180)to be a ready, fluent speaker.Rate it:
facilitas, faciles mores (De Am. 3. 11)a sociable, affable disposition.Rate it:
facinus facere, committereto do a criminal deed.Rate it:
facinus, culpam in se admittereto commit some blameworthy action.Rate it:
factio (of aristocrats)a party; faction.Rate it:
facultas dicendioratorical talent.Rate it:
facultatem alicui dare alicuius rei or ut give a man the opportunity of doing a thing.Rate it:
facultatem, potestatem alicui eripere, adimereto deprive a man of the chance of doing a thing.Rate it:
faex populi, plebis, civitatisthe dregs of the people.Rate it:
falsa (pro veris) dicereto tell lies.Rate it:
fama serpit (per urbem)a report is spreading imperceptibly.Rate it:
famae servire, consulereto have regard for one's good name.Rate it:
famam ante collectam tueri, conservareto live up to one's reputation.Rate it:
famam crudelitatis subire (Catil. 4. 6. 12)to gain the reputation of cruelty.Rate it:
famam dissipareto spread a rumour.Rate it:
fame confici, perire, interireto die of starvation.Rate it:
fame laborare, premito be tormented by hunger, to be starving.Rate it:
fame necarito be starved to death (as punishment).Rate it:
famem sitimque depellere cibo et potioneto allay one's hunger, thirst.Rate it:
famem tolerare, sustentareto endure the pangs of hunger.Rate it:
famem, sitim explereto allay one's hunger, thirst.Rate it:
familia gladiatoria (Sest. 64. 134)a band, troupe of gladiators under the management of a lanista.Rate it:
familia, grex, caterva histrionuma theatrical company.Rate it:
famis et sitis patientem esseto be able to endure hunger and thirst.Rate it:
fando aliquid audivisseto know from hearsay.Rate it:
fasces praeferre, summittereto walk before with the fasces; to lower the fasces.Rate it:
fastithe calender (list of fasts and festivals).Rate it:
faustis ominibuswith favourable omens.Rate it:
favete ore, linguis = εὐφημειτεmaintain a devout silence (properly, utter no ill-omened word).Rate it:
fenus ex triente Id. Quint. factum erat bessibus (Att. 4. 15. 7)the rate of interest has gone up from 4 per cent to 8 per cent.Rate it:
fenus iniquissimum, grande, graveexorbitant rate of interest.Rate it:
fenus renovatumcompound interest.Rate it:
ferarum ritu pugnareto fight like lions.Rate it:
ferre atque agere praedamto carry off booty.Rate it:
ferro viam facere (per confertos hostes)to cut one's way (through the enemies' ranks).Rate it:
fessus de viaweary with travelling; way-worn.Rate it:
fide data et accepta (Sall. Iug. 81. 1)having exchanged pledges, promises.Rate it:

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