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ubertas (not divitiae) et copia orationisa full and copious style of speech.Rate it:
ubi illuxit, luxit, diluxitwhen it was day.Rate it:
ulcisci aliquem (pro aliqua re)to punish some one.Rate it:
ulcisci aliquem pro aliquo or pro aliqua reto revenge oneself on another for a thing or on some one's behalf.Rate it:
ulcisci aliquem, poenas expetere ab aliquoto revenge oneself on some one.Rate it:
ulcisci aliquid, poenas alicuius rei expetereto revenge oneself for a thing.Rate it:
ultimae terraethe most distant countries, the world's end.Rate it:
ultra modum progredito pass the limit.Rate it:
ultro citroqueon this side and on that; to and fro.Rate it:
una et consentiens vox estall are unanimous.Rate it:
una iter facereto travel together.Rate it:
una voce; uno oreunanimously.Rate it:
undique expleta et perfecta formaan ideal.Rate it:
undique premi, urgeri (B. G. 2. 26)to be pressed on all sides.Rate it:
uno conspectu videre aliquidto have a general idea of a thing.Rate it:
uno, communi, summo or omnium consensu (Tusc. 1. 15. 35)unanimously.Rate it:
unus de or e multisone of the crowd; a mere individual.Rate it:
unus e togatorum numeroan ordinary, average Roman citizen.Rate it:
unus et alter diesone or two days.Rate it:
unus mihi restat scrupulus (Ter. Andr. 5. 4. 37) (cf. too religio, sect. XI. 2)one thing still makes me hesitate.Rate it:
urbis obsidionem liberareto raise a siege (used of the army of relief).Rate it:
urbs in sinu sita estthe city is situate on a bay.Rate it:
urbs patria or simply patrianative place.Rate it:
urbs situ ad aspectum praeclara estthe city is very beautifully situated.Rate it:
usu cognitum habemuswe know from experience.Rate it:
usu praeditum esseto possess experience.Rate it:
usu rerum (vitae, vitae communis) edocti sumuswe know from experience.Rate it:
usu, familiaritate, consuetudine coniunctum esse cum aliquoto be on friendly terms with a person.Rate it:
usui or ex usu esseto be of use.Rate it:
usura menstruamonthly interest.Rate it:
usurae semisses (Jurists)6 per cent.Rate it:
usurae semissium (Colum.)6 per cent.Rate it:
usus me docuitexperience has taught me.Rate it:
ut a fabulis ad facta veniamusto pass from myth to history.Rate it:
ut ait Cicero (always in this order)as Cicero says.Rate it:
ut ait Homerusas Homer sings (not canit).Rate it:
ut brevi comprehendamin short; to be brief.Rate it:
ut brevi praecīdamin short; to be brief.Rate it:
ut breviter dicamto put it briefly.Rate it:
ut Ciceronis verbis utarto use Cicero's expression; to say with Cicero (not ut cum Cicerone loquar).Rate it:
ut eorum, quae dixi, summam faciamto sum up...Rate it:
ut est in proverbioas the proverb says.Rate it:
ut fit, ita ut fit, ut fere fitas usually happens.Rate it:
ut hoc utar or afferamto use this example.Rate it:
ut in eodem simili verserto use the same simile, illustration.Rate it:
ut ita dicamso to speak (used to modify a figurative expression).Rate it:
ut levissime dicam (opp. ut gravissimo verbo utar)to use the mildest expression.Rate it:
ut mea fert opinioaccording to my opinion.Rate it:
ut mihi quidem videturaccording to my opinion.Rate it:
ut non (nihil) dicam de...not to mention...Rate it:

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