Found 123 phrases starting with T:


talem vitae exitum (not finem) habuit (Nep. Eum. 13)such was the end of... (used of a violent death).Rate it:
tam perditis or corruptis moribusamongst such moral depravity.Rate it:
tangere, attingere terramto be contiguous, adjacent to a country.Rate it:
tanta vis frigoris insecuta est, utthe frost set in so severely that...Rate it:
tantum cibi et potionis adhibere quantum satis estto take only enough food to support life.Rate it:
tantum or unum illud or hoc dicoI will only say this much...Rate it:
tantundem viae estthe road is the same length.Rate it:
te valere iubeoI bid you good-bye, take my leave.Rate it:
tecto, (in) domum suam aliquem recipere (opp. prohibere aliquem tecto, domo)to welcome to one's house (opp. to shut one's door against some one).Rate it:
tectum subireto enter the house.Rate it:
tela iacere, conicere, mittereto discharge missiles.Rate it:
tela ingerere, conicereto discharge showers of missiles.Rate it:
temere et fortuito; forte (et) temerequite accidentally, fortuitously.Rate it:
temperantia utito behave with moderation.Rate it:
tempestas cooritura storm is rising.Rate it:
tempestas cum magno fragore (caeli) tonitribusque (Liv. 1. 16)a storm accompanied by heavy claps of thunder.Rate it:
tempestate abripito be driven out of one's course; to drift.Rate it:
tempestatem idoneam, bonam nanciscito meet with good weather.Rate it:
templa deorum adireto make a pilgrimage to the shrines of the gods.Rate it:
tempora Caesarianathe imperial epoch.Rate it:
tempora heroica (N. D. 3. 21. 54)the mythical period, the heroic age.Rate it:
tempora matutinathe morning hours.Rate it:
tempore progredientein process of time.Rate it:
tempori servire, cedereto accommodate oneself to circumstances.Rate it:
temporibus errare (Phil. 2. 9. 23)to make a chronological mistake.Rate it:
temporis causaon the spur of the moment.Rate it:
temporum ordinem servareto observe the chronological order of events.Rate it:
temporum ratio, descriptio, ordochronology.Rate it:
tempus (ita) fert (not secum)circumstances demand.Rate it:
tempus (spatium) deliberandi or ad deliberandum postulare, dare, sibi sumereto require, give, take time for deliberation.Rate it:
tempus conferre ad aliquidto employ one's time in...Rate it:
tempus consumere in aliqua reto pass one's time in doing something.Rate it:
tempus ducereto spend time.Rate it:
tempus habere alicui reito have time for a thing.Rate it:
tempus matutīnum, meridianum, vespertinum, nocturnummorning, noon, evening, night.Rate it:
tempus maximum est, utit is high time that...Rate it:
tempus mihi deest ad aliquid faciendumI have no time to do something.Rate it:
tempus non amittere, perdereto lose no time.Rate it:
tempus praeterit, transittime passes.Rate it:
tempus terere, conterere (in) aliqua reto waste time on something.Rate it:
tempus tribuere alicui reito devote time to anything.Rate it:
tendere aliquoto journey towards a place.Rate it:
tenere aliquid; stare in aliqua reto insist on a point.Rate it:
tenere montem (B. G. 1. 22)to hold a mountain.Rate it:
terga dare hostito run away from the enemy.Rate it:
terga vertere or dareto flee, run away.Rate it:
tergis hostium inhaerereto be on the heels of the enemy.Rate it:
terminis circumscribere aliquidto set bounds to a thing, limit it.Rate it:
ternae centesimae36 per cent per annum.Rate it:
terra (regio) mediterraneaan inland region; the interior.Rate it:

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