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narrare aliquid ad fidem historiaeto give a veracious and historic account of a thing.Rate it:
narratio, fabulaa narrative, tale, story.Rate it:
narratiuncula, fabella (Fin. 5. 15)an anecdote.Rate it:
natione, genere Anglusan Englishman by birth.Rate it:
natum, factum esse ad aliquid (faciendum)to be born for a thing, endowed by nature for it.Rate it:
natum, factum esse ad dicendumto be a born orator.Rate it:
natura et ingeniumnatural gifts.Rate it:
natura et mores; vita moresque; indoles animi ingeniique; or simply ingenium, indoles, natura, morescharacter.Rate it:
natura in omnium animis notionem dei impressit (N. D. 1. 16. 43)Nature has implanted in all men the idea of a God.Rate it:
natura locithe natural position of a place.Rate it:
natura proclivem esse ad vitiato have a natural propensity to vice.Rate it:
naturae bonanatural advantages.Rate it:
naturae bonitas (Off. 1. 32. 118)innate goodness, kindness.Rate it:
naufragium colligere (Sest. 6. 15)to collect the wreckage.Rate it:
naufragium facereto be shipwrecked.Rate it:
nautae, remigessailors, rowers.Rate it:
navem (classem) armare, ornare, instruereto equip a boat, a fleet.Rate it:
navem (naves) solvereto weigh anchor, sail.Rate it:
navem capere, intercipere, deprehendereto capture a boat.Rate it:
navem conscendere, ascendereto embark.Rate it:
navem deducere (vid. sect. XII. 1, note Notice too...)to launch a boat.Rate it:
navem expedireto clear for action.Rate it:
navem expugnareto board and capture a boat.Rate it:
navem reficereto repair a boat.Rate it:
navem remis agere or propellereto row.Rate it:
navem remis concitare, incitareto row hard.Rate it:
navem retro inhibere (Att. 13. 21)to back water.Rate it:
navem rostro percutereto charge, ram a boat.Rate it:
navem subducere (in aridum)to haul up a boat.Rate it:
navem, classem aedificare, facere, efficere, instituereto build a ship, a fleet.Rate it:
navem, classem deprimere, mergereto sink a ship, a fleet.Rate it:
naves (classem) constituere (in alto)to make fast boats to anchors.Rate it:
naves ad ancoras deligare (B. G. 4. 29)to make fast boats to anchors.Rate it:
naves annotinaeships of last year.Rate it:
naves ex portu solvuntthe ships sail from the harbour.Rate it:
navibus plurimum posseto have a powerful navy.Rate it:
navigia speculatoriareconnoitring-vessels.Rate it:
navis actuariaa cutter.Rate it:
navis ad scopulos alliditur (B. C. 3. 27)the ship strikes on the rocks.Rate it:
navis longaa man-of-war.Rate it:
navis mercatoriaa merchantman.Rate it:
navis onerariaa transport or cargo-boat.Rate it:
navis praetoria (Liv. 21. 49)the admiral's ship; the flagship.Rate it:
ne (quid) gravius dicamto say the least...Rate it:
ne dicamnot to say... (used in avoiding a stronger expression).Rate it:
ne diutius vos demorernot to be prolix.Rate it:
ne in re nota et pervulgata multus simnot to be diffuse on such a well-known subject.Rate it:
ne longum sitnot to be prolix.Rate it:
ne longus, multus simnot to be prolix.Rate it:
ne multa, quid plura? sed quid opus est plura?in short; to be brief.Rate it:

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