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sacra polluere et violareto profane sacred rites.Rate it:
sacra, res divinae, religiones, caerimoniaeritual; ceremonial.Rate it:
sacra, sacrificium facere (ἱερὰ ῥέζειν), sacrificareto sacrifice.Rate it:
sacramentum (o) dicere (vid. sect. XI. 2, note sacramentum...)to take the military oath.Rate it:
sacrificium statum (solemne) (Tusc. 1. 47. 113)a periodically recurring (annual) sacrifice.Rate it:
sacris adesseto be present at divine service (of the people).Rate it:
sacris initiari (Quintil. 12. 10. 14)to be initiated into the mysteries of a cult.Rate it:
saeculi consuetudo or ratio atque inclinatio temporis (temporum)the spirit of the times, the fashion.Rate it:
saepe (crebro, multa) peccavit, erravit, lapsus esthe has made several mistakes.Rate it:
saepius revocatur (Liv. 7. 2. 9)he is encored several times.Rate it:
salus, caput, vita alicuius agitur, periclitatur, in discrimine est or versatura man's life is at stake, is in very great danger.Rate it:
salute data (accepta) redditaqueafter mutual greeting.Rate it:
salutem alicui afferreto deliver, rescue a person.Rate it:
salutem alicui dicere, impertire, nuntiareto greet a person.Rate it:
salutem expedireto effect a person's deliverance.Rate it:
salutem petere a victoreto beg for mercy from the conqueror.Rate it:
salutem, vitam suam in discrimen offerre (not exponere)to risk one's life.Rate it:
saluti rei publicae non deesseto further the common weal.Rate it:
saluti suae consulere, prospicereto take measures for one's safety; to look after one's own interests.Rate it:
salvis legibus (vid. sect. X. 7, note Notice...)without breaking the law.Rate it:
salvo officio (Off. 3. 1. 4)without violating, neglecting one's duty.Rate it:
sanae mentis esseto be of sound mind.Rate it:
sanguine manare, redundareto drip blood; to be deluged with blood.Rate it:
sanguinem suum pro patria effundere or profundereto shed one's blood for one's fatherland.Rate it:
sapere (Off. 2. 14. 48)to be a man of sense, judgment.Rate it:
satin (= satisne) sanus es?are you in your right mind?Rate it:
satis habeo, satis mihi est c. Inf.I am content to...Rate it:
satis longo intervalloafter a fairly long interval.Rate it:
satisfacere alicui pro (de) iniuriisto give some one satisfaction for an injury.Rate it:
saxa praeruptasteep rocks.Rate it:
saxa voci respondent or resonantthe rocks re-echo.Rate it:
scalas admovere (B. C. 3. 63)to apply scaling-ladders.Rate it:
scelera moliri (Att. 7. 11)to meditate crime.Rate it:
scelere se devincire, se obstringere, astringito commit a crime and so make oneself liable to the consequences of it.Rate it:
scelus (in se) concipere, suscipereto commit a crime and so make oneself liable to the consequences of it.Rate it:
scelus edere in aliquem (Sest. 26. 58)to commit a crime against some one.Rate it:
scelus facere, committereto commit crime.Rate it:
scelus scelere cumulare (Catil. 1. 6. 14)to heap crime on crime.Rate it:
scelus supplicio expiareto expiate a crime by punishment.Rate it:
scholaa school for higher education.Rate it:
schola, disciplina, familia; sectaa sect, school of thought.Rate it:
scholam frequentareto go to a school.Rate it:
scholas habere, explicare (Fin. 2. 1. 1)to give lectures.Rate it:
scholis interesseto attend lectures.Rate it:
scientia augere aliquemto enrich a person's knowledge.Rate it:
scientia comprehendere aliquidto acquire knowledge of a subject.Rate it:
scientiam alicuius rei consequito acquire knowledge of a subject.Rate it:
scribereto take to writing, become an author.Rate it:
scriptor (not auctor = guarantor)the writer, author.Rate it:
scriptor fabularuma writer of fables.Rate it:

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