Found 71 phrases starting with B:


beata vita, beate vivere, beatum essehappiness, bliss.Rate it:
belli finem facere, bellum finireto put an end to war.Rate it:
belli sedes (Liv. 4. 31)the seat of war, theatre of operations.Rate it:
bello implicarito be involved in a war.Rate it:
bello persequi aliquem, lacessereto harass with war.Rate it:
bello se interponere (Liv. 35. 48)to interfere in a war.Rate it:
bellum (inlatum) defendereto act on the defensive.Rate it:
bellum administrareto have the control of the war.Rate it:
bellum componere (Fam. 10. 33)to terminate a war (by a treaty, etc.)Rate it:
bellum conficere, perficereto terminate a war (by force of arms and defeat of one's opponents).Rate it:
bellum conflare (Fam. 5. 2. 8)to kindle a war.Rate it:
bellum coniungere (Imp. Pomp. 9. 26)to wage war in conjunction with some one.Rate it:
bellum cum aliquo inireto begin a war with some one.Rate it:
bellum ducere, trahere, extrahereto protract, prolong a war.Rate it:
bellum facere, movere, excitareto cause a war.Rate it:
bellum gerere cum aliquoto make war on a person.Rate it:
bellum impendet, imminet, instata war is imminent.Rate it:
bellum incipere, belli initium facere (B. G. 7. 1. 5)to commence hostilities.Rate it:
bellum indīcere, denuntiareto make formal declaration of war.Rate it:
bellum inferre alicui (Att. 9. 1. 3)to invade.Rate it:
bellum intestinum, domesticum (opp. bellum externum)a civil war.Rate it:
bellum iustum (pium)a regular, formal war.Rate it:
bellum molirito meditate war.Rate it:
bellum or arma ultro inferreto be the aggressor in a war; to act on the offensive.Rate it:
bellum oritur, exardescitwar breaks out.Rate it:
bellum parareto make preparations for war.Rate it:
bellum pro religionibus susceptuma religious war.Rate it:
bellum transferre alio, transfer the seat of war elsewhere.Rate it:
bene (male) praecipere alicuito inculcate good (bad) principles.Rate it:
bene ambula et redambulaa safe journey to you.Rate it:
bene id tibi vertat!I wish you all success in the matter.Rate it:
bene illo Graecorum proverbio praecipiturthat Greek proverb contains an excellent lesson.Rate it:
bene interrogareto cross-examine cleverly, put leading questions.Rate it:
bene latine doctus or sciensa good Latin scholar.Rate it:
bene tibi or te!your health!Rate it:
bene, male audire (ab aliquo)to have a good or bad reputation, be spoken well, ill of.Rate it:
bene, optime (meliora) sperare de aliquo (Nep. Milt. 1. 1)to hope well of a person.Rate it:
bene, optime sentire de re publicato have the good of the state at heart.Rate it:
bene, praeclare (melius, optime) mereri de aliquoto deserve well at some one's hands; to do a service to...Rate it:
benefacta maleficiis pensareto return evil for good.Rate it:
beneficia in aliquem conferreto heap benefits upon...Rate it:
beneficiis aliquem obstringere, obligare, devincireto lay any one under an obligation by kind treatment.Rate it:
beneficio aliquem afficere, ornareto do any one a service or kindness.Rate it:
beneficium alicui dare, tribuereto do any one a service or kindness.Rate it:
beneficium remunerari or reddere (cumulate)to (richly) recompense a kindness or service.Rate it:
benevolentia aliquem complecti or prosequito show kindness to...Rate it:
benevolentiam alicui praestare, in aliquem conferreto show kindness to...Rate it:
benevolentiam habere erga aliquemto be well-disposed towards...Rate it:
benevolentiam, favorem, voluntatem alicuius sibi conciliare or colligere (ex aliqua re)to find favour with some one; to get into their good graces.Rate it:
benevolo animo esse in aliquemto be well-disposed towards...Rate it:

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