Found 195 phrases starting with L:


labi in scribendoto make a mistake in writing.Rate it:
laborare de pecuniato have pecuniary difficulties.Rate it:
labore supersedēre (itineris) (Fam. 4. 2. 4)to spare oneself the trouble of the voyage.Rate it:
laborem non intermittereto work without intermission.Rate it:
labori, operae non parcereto spare no pains.Rate it:
lacerare bona sua (Verr. 3. 70. 164)to squander all one's property.Rate it:
lacrimae simulataecrocodiles' tears.Rate it:
lacrimas or fletum alicui movereto move to tears.Rate it:
lacrimas tenere non posseto be hardly able to restrain one's tears.Rate it:
lacrimas, vim lacrimarum effundere, profundereto burst into a flood of tears.Rate it:
lacrimis obortiswith tears in one's eyes.Rate it:
lacrimula (Planc. 31. 76)crocodiles' tears.Rate it:
laetae segetesthe laughing cornfields.Rate it:
laetissimi flores (Verr. 4. 48. 107)a glorious expanse of flowers.Rate it:
laetitia gestiensa transport of joy.Rate it:
laetitia gestire (Tusc. 4. 6. 13)to be transported with joy.Rate it:
laetitiam capere or percipere ex aliqua reto take pleasure in a thing.Rate it:
languorem, molestiam legentium animis afferreto weary, bore the reader.Rate it:
late patere (also metaphorically vid. sect. VIII. 8)to have a wide extent.Rate it:
latinam linguam scire or didicisseto know Latin.Rate it:
latine commentarito write treatises in Latin.Rate it:
latine loqui (Brut. 45. 166)(1) to speak Latin, (2) to speak good Latin (also bene latine), (3) to express oneself clearly.Rate it:
latine scireto know Latin.Rate it:
latine scribere (Opt. Gen. Or. 2. 4)to write good Latin.Rate it:
latinis litteris or latine doctusacquainted with the Latin language.Rate it:
laude afficere aliquemto praise, extol, commend a person.Rate it:
laudem afferreto confer distinction on a person; to redound to his credit.Rate it:
laudem tribuere, impertire alicuito praise, extol, commend a person.Rate it:
laudem, gloriam quaerereto be guided by ambition.Rate it:
laudibus aliquem (aliquid) in caelum ferre, efferre, tollereto extol, laud to the skies.Rate it:
laudis studio trahito be guided by ambition.Rate it:
laute vivere (Nep. Chab. 3. 2)to live well.Rate it:
laxatis (opp. confertis) ordinibus pugnareto fight in open order.Rate it:
lectissimis verbis uti (De Or. 3. 37)to employ carefully chosen expressions.Rate it:
lectisternium facere, habere (Liv. 22. 1. 18)to hold a lectisternium.Rate it:
lecto tenerito be confined to one's bed.Rate it:
lege Plautia damnari (Sall. Cat. 31. 4)to be condemned under the Lex Plautia.Rate it:
lege tenerito be bound by a law.Rate it:
legem abrogare (Att. 3. 23. 2)to replace an old law by a new.Rate it:
legem antiquare (opp. accipere, iubere)to reject a bill.Rate it:
legem ferre or simply ferre ad populum, propose a law in the popular assembly.Rate it:
legem in aes incīdereto engrave a law upon a brazen tablet.Rate it:
legem iubereto ratify a law (used of the people).Rate it:
legem perferre (Liv. 33. 46)to carry a law (said of the magistrate).Rate it:
legem proponere in publicumto bring a law before the notice of the people.Rate it:
legem ratam esse iubereto declare a law valid.Rate it:
legem rogare or rogare populum (cf. sect. XVI. 4, note Aulus Gellius...)to formally propose a law to the people.Rate it:
legem sancireto let a bill become law (of the people and senate).Rate it:
legem sciscere (Planc. 14. 35)to vote for a law.Rate it:
legem suadere (opp. dissuadere)to support a bill (before the people).Rate it:

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