Found 69 phrases starting with G:


galeam induereto put on one's helmet.Rate it:
Gallia Rhodano continetur (vid. sect. V. 4., note contineri aliqua re...)Gaul is bounded by the Rhone.Rate it:
gaudio lacrimareto weep for joy.Rate it:
gaudio perfundito be filled with delight.Rate it:
gaudio, laetitia efferrito be beside oneself with joy.Rate it:
gaudio, laetitia exsultareto utter cries of joy.Rate it:
gemmae proveniuntthe trees are budding.Rate it:
gemmas agereto bud, blossom.Rate it:
genere, non numero or magnitudine differreto differ qualitatively not quantitatively.Rate it:
generis antiquitate florereto be of noble family.Rate it:
gentem ad internecionem redigere or adducere (B. G. 2. 28)to completely annihilate a nation.Rate it:
genus dicendi (scribendi); oratiostyle.Rate it:
genus dicendi grave or grande, medium, tenue (cf. Or. 5. 20; 6. 21)elevated, moderate, plain style.Rate it:
genus universum in species certas partiri et dividere (Or. 33. 117)to analyse a general division into its specific parts.Rate it:
genus vitae (vivendi) or aetatis degendae deligereto choose a career, profession.Rate it:
gerendis negotiis orbatus (Fin. 5. 20. 57)banished from public life.Rate it:
Germania quae or Germaniae ea pars quae, ad orientem, occidentem vergiteastern, western Germany.Rate it:
gestum (always in the sing.) agereto gesticulate.Rate it:
gladiatores dareto give a gladiatorial show.Rate it:
gladiatoribus (Att. 2. 19. 3)at the gladiatorial games.Rate it:
gladio aliquem per pectus transfigere (Liv. 2. 46)to transfix, pierce a man's breast with one's sword.Rate it:
gladio comminus (opp. eminus) rem gerereto fight with swords at close quarters.Rate it:
gladium alicui in pectus infigereto plunge one's sword in some one's breast.Rate it:
gladium educere (e vagīna)to draw one's sword (from the scabbard).Rate it:
gladium in vaginam recondereto sheath one's sword.Rate it:
gladium stringere, destringereto draw one's sword.Rate it:
gladius cervicibus impendeta sword hangs over his neck.Rate it:
gloria ducito be guided by ambition.Rate it:
gloria, laude florereto be very famous, illustrious.Rate it:
gloriae, laudi esseto confer distinction on a person; to redound to his credit.Rate it:
gloriae, laudis cupiditate incensum esse, flagrareto be consumed by the fires of ambition.Rate it:
gloriam (immortalem) consequi, adipiscito win (undying) fame.Rate it:
gloriam colligere, in summam gloriam venireto become famous, distinguish oneself.Rate it:
gloriam, famam sibi comparareto gain distinction.Rate it:
gradum addere (sc. gradui) (Liv. 26. 9)to increase one's pace.Rate it:
gradum facereto take a step.Rate it:
gradum inferre in hostemto march on the enemy.Rate it:
gradum sensim referreto retreat step by step.Rate it:
gradum sistereto halt.Rate it:
graece or graeca lingua loquito speak the Greek language.Rate it:
graecis litteris studereto study Greek literature.Rate it:
grammaticus (De Or. 1. 3. 10)a linguist, philologian.Rate it:
grande, magnum (opp. exiguum) aes alienum conflareto incur debts on a large scale.Rate it:
grandior factushaving reached man's estate.Rate it:
grandis natuaged.Rate it:
grata memoria aliquem prosequito show a thankful appreciation of a person's kindness.Rate it:
gratam (gratissimam) alicuius memoriam retinereto retain a (most) pleasant impression of a person.Rate it:
grates agere (dis immortalibus)to give thanks to heaven.Rate it:
grates, laudes agere dis immortalibusto thank, glorify the immortal gods.Rate it:
gratiam alicui debereto owe gratitude to; to be under an obligation to a person.Rate it:

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