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macte virtute (esto or te esse iubeo)good luck to you.Rate it:
maculam (conceptam) delere, eluereto blot out a reproach.Rate it:
magistratus et imperia (Sall. Iug. 3. 1)civil and military offices.Rate it:
magistratus vitio creatimagistrates elected irregularly (i.e. either when the auspices have been unfavourable or when some formality has been neglected).Rate it:
magna auctoritas alicuius est apud aliquemto have great influence with a person; to have considerable weight.Rate it:
magna auctoritas est in aliquoto possess great authority; to be an influential person.Rate it:
magna auctoritate esseto possess great authority; to be an influential person.Rate it:
magna caedes hostium fugientium facta estthere was great slaughter of fugitives.Rate it:
magna est admiratio alicuiussome one is the object of much admiration.Rate it:
magna est exspectatio ingenii tuiwe expect a great deal from a man of your calibre.Rate it:
magna me spes tenet (with Acc. c. Inf.) (Tusc. 1. 41. 97)I have great hopes that...Rate it:
magna molirito be busy with ambitious projects.Rate it:
magna quaestio est (followed by an indirect question)it is a difficult point, disputed question.Rate it:
magna sibi proponere or magna spectareto have a high object in view; to be ambitious.Rate it:
magna voce clamareto shout at the top of one's voice.Rate it:
magnae (graves) necessariae causaecogent, decisive reasons.Rate it:
magnae copiae (not multae)a large force, many troops.Rate it:
magnam doctrinae speciem prae se ferreto pass as a man of great learning.Rate it:
magnam sui famam relinquereto leave a great reputation behind one.Rate it:
magnam vim habere ad aliquidto have considerable influence on a question.Rate it:
magnas opes habereto be very rich; to be in a position of affluence.Rate it:
magnas pecunias ex aliqua re (e.g. ex metallis) facereto have a large income from a thing (e.g. from mines).Rate it:
magnas res gerereto perform heroic exploits.Rate it:
magni (nullius) momenti esseto be of great (no) importance.Rate it:
magnifice loqui, dicere(1) to speak vehemently, passionately; (2) to speak pompously, boastfully.Rate it:
magnificentia ludorumsumptuous public games.Rate it:
magniloquentia, granditas verborumpathos; passion.Rate it:
magnis (infimis) precibus moverito be influenced by, to yield to urgent (abject) entreaty.Rate it:
magnis itineribus (Sall. Iug. 37)by forced marches.Rate it:
magno animo esseto be magnanimous, broad-minded.Rate it:
magno cum detrimentowith great loss.Rate it:
magno cum fletuwith many tears.Rate it:
magno errore tenerito be in gross error, seriously misled.Rate it:
magno opere, vehementer, etiam atque etiam rogare aliquemto entreat earnestly; to make urgent requests.Rate it:
magno or male emereto buy dearly.Rate it:
magnos spiritus sibi sumere (B. G. 1. 33)to be haughty.Rate it:
magnum luctum haurire (without ex-)to undergo severe trouble, trials.Rate it:
magnum negotium est c. is a great undertaking to...Rate it:
magnum usum in aliqua re habereto have had great experience in a thing.Rate it:
magnum usum in re militari habere (Sest. 5. 12)to possess great experience in military matters.Rate it:
maior (natu)the elderRate it:
maior parsthe majority.Rate it:
malacia et tranquillitas (B. G. 3. 15)a dead calm.Rate it:
male (opp. bene) narras (de)I am sorry to hear...Rate it:
male mereri de aliquoto deserve ill of a person; to treat badly.Rate it:
maledictis aliquem onerare, lacerareto heap abuse on some one.Rate it:
maleficia benefactis remunerarito return good for evil.Rate it:
malis urgerito be hard pressed by misfortune.Rate it:
mandatum exsequi, persequi, conficereto execute a commission.Rate it:
mandatum, negotium alicui dareto entrust a matter to a person; to commission.Rate it:

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